New In : My Wearable Cupcake

I’ve been staying in the school hostel lately and haven’t previously taken photos of the dope things I thrifted this month so there’d be no ‘Tales from the thrift’ for this month, I sincerely apologize to those that were looking forward to it.

But hey! Check out this cute cupcake bag I thrifted just yesterday on my way to school from my house. I went to to watch the last episode of my fav telemundo show (under the same sky) and spotted this bag where it was hanging from inside the bus I was in, you should have seen the way I alighted really quick like a woman that just caught her husband cheating and wanted a closer view lol. 

I got the bag for a really low price of just 500naira and while paying I was just thinking of how the woman has no idea of how bomb this bag she is selling to me at that price is, oh well I’m glad she doesn’t because look at me now I’ve got my own cupcake bag without breaking the bank. 


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