Quick DIY : How To Make A Choker From Any Fabric Of Choice

Finally it’s Friday!! I’m not even anything near busy because my timetable this semester is really flexible but those who know me well know I’m always tired (always!! No jokes), so I’m totally allowed to be even more excited about the weekend than everyone else lol but this is not why you’re here right? 

Now to today’s business, to make the frayed hem denim choker here’s what you’d need…

• Old but still really strong and clean denim (preferably the hem of the denim) 

• Pair of scissors

• Hook (or safety pin) 

What to do… 

• Cut out a part of your denim in the desired width you’d like you choker to be in.

• Fray the hem

• Wrap round your neck and cut out the excess.

• With a needle and thread sew on your hook. 

• And voilà your trendy denim choker is ready to be worn (or in my case you can pin in place with s safety pin, word on the fashion streets say safety pins are a fashion statement).

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If you aren’t using denim, you can simply fold in the frayed hem of your piece of fabric with an iron and sew along the hem to make it neat, insert your hook (or any fastening of your choice) and you’re ready to hit the door.

If you’re using a long piece of fabric or rope, you can just wrap it around your neck and make a neat cute bow in front or at the back of your neck and still be on the choker train. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog today, do have a very relaxing yet fruitful weekend… Cheers!!! 

               Till next month…

What do you think of the choker trend? Rock it or trash it? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions, do leave a comment below thanks.


33 thoughts on “Quick DIY : How To Make A Choker From Any Fabric Of Choice

  1. This is def a major trend…luv it luv it luv it….i tried it out n everyone was like where did u get that….i was like i bought it…..#itwasactuallyaDIY


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  5. Lol. Trash it tbh. A pendant in front would have been hip. Or better still , glueing stones ( could be spikes even) . Still looks like a raw material more could be done with.
    I swear I’m not a hater. Love your blog btw.


    • Lol I know you’re not a hater. This is me basically just showing people how to get it done. The spikes and all the other things you mentioned can be added according to personal taste.


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