My Café Neo Experience 

Hi dear, a very happy new month to you!!! I know I’m 14days late but I’m sure you know the adage that says ‘it’s better late than never‘ so accept my sincere good wishes, I’d try not to be late again. 

Anyways today’s post is about my first time visiting a coffee shop in Nigeria asides the Nescafé shop in my Uni. I’ve always liked coffee but going all the way to the Island part of Lagos to get coffee just seemed like stress to me because I live and school on the mainland so you can already imagine the joy when my friend told me Café Neo was opening an outlet in Yaba which is very close to my Uni today. 

I met up with a fellow blogger and my friend Mide Coker and together we hit the road to have the Café Neo experience. On getting to Ecentre, Sabo Yaba where the outlet is located, it kinda took us a while to locate the café, on locating it it was quite smaller than we expected but that made the smell of coffee even stronger and very inviting. 

Mide Coker

The staff welcomed us in unison saying ‘welcome to café Neo’ which I believe they just did because it’s their first day knowing very well that Nigerians aren’t usually that nice (I’d be there again soon, so I’d keep you updated about if it’s just a first day thing or not). The café looks really pretty especially with the handsome looking men seated working on their laptops and sipping on coffee, this in particular had me I feeling like I was in the abroad because that’s not really a Nigerian culture.

I really hoped they’d serve coffee free because it’s their opening day but in this day and time I know I was hoping too high. I ordered iced frappucino and I totally loved it. Their price list is quite reasonable with hot drinks ranging from 500 naira to 900naira and cold drinks going for 1000naira to 1300naira. They also have pastries to have along with your coffee that are reasonably priced too. 

Before the frappucino

While at it…

You can tell i loved it right?

I had a good experience, the café has enough charging spots which is essential if you live in Lagos. The only thing I didn’t like is that their wifi has a password (I hoped for free wifi, another hope dashed Lol). After coffee, Mide and I went thrift shopping and believe me when I say it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long while. I had an awesome start to this week, I hope you did too? 

Do you like coffee and think we should have more coffee shops or just forget it? Ever had the café Neo experience? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks. 


20 thoughts on “My Café Neo Experience 

  1. For coffee lovers like myself ,I would totally dig going to Café Neo but unfortunately I’m not in Lagos 😥😭
    Thanks for sharing your experience.


    • It’s a really cool place to chill especially if you’re like me that doesn’t like rowdy places. Yeah I’d ask for the password on my next visit and I’m sure if you have the iced caramel frappucino you’d love it


  2. I love coffee too and I know the struggle of having to go all the way to the island to get good coffee. Back in Uni days I was a regular at the coffee shop in guest house, I even got a card thingy one time. I loved reading the post and I will definitely love to pay a visit to Café Neo.Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    • Hi great akokite!!! I’m always at the coffee shop but I think I’m moving base to café Neo now as they actually have the coffee I crave, that Nescafé one is always too light


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