Wardrobe Essential : The Jumpsuit 

wardrobe esstentials, how to style a jumpsuit
As you already know I’m a thrift shopper when it comes to clothings basically because I’m an upcoming rich student that likes clothes a little too much. My happiest thrifting moments are those days I randomly find really trendy pieces at a very cheap rate. 

thrift, how to style a pinafore
What I’m wearing : 

Jumpsuit – Thrifted

White Tee – Thrifted 

Arm cuff – Yaba Market

Bag – Thrifted

Shoe – River Island

Total outfit cost – Less than a thousand five hundred naira minus the shoes and bag.

I totally love jumpsuits, I think they are easy to wear (except when you need to use the toilet) and very chic but I’ve somehow never found one I like that is also very affordable so when the retailer showed this to me I just had to get it. I love that it’s very modern, urban and can be worn in various ways. Personally I think every woman should own a jumpsuit but don’t rush it. Be sure to find your perfect fit because as flattering as a jumpsuit can be, when it’s frumpy at the crouch it automatically becomes unflattering. 
minimalist wardrobe

what to wear to a brunch date


Thank you for visiting my blog today, I really appreciate you. Till next time… CHEERS!

A very big thank you to @midecoker (IG/Twitter/Blog) for helping me with the photos.

How will you style this jumpsuit if it were yours? 


16 thoughts on “Wardrobe Essential : The Jumpsuit 

  1. I don’t like jumpsuits because of the pee-issue but I admire them on others and we’ll never say never, I might rock one someday.
    Totally in love with how you paired everything. Monochrome does it for me everytime.
    Then when I’m in Lagos, we have to go thrifting together so you show me how!!


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