Currently I Am… #5

Happy new week awesomeness! Hope you had an amazing weekend? Well it took me this weekend to realize we have just a little over a week for it to be the end of August (like where is the year running too?). This made me decide to share with you what I’ve been up to in the past weeks as usual, so Currently I Am…

Wearing : Baggy jeans!! Yes I’m glad people have fully accepted this style of jeans and now I can be myself and stop forcing my extra skin aka fat into skinny jeans. Want to know why I hate skinny jeans? Click here

Admiring : Jollof rice lol. It’s world Jollof rice day today and trust me Jollof has been very consistent all these years, I hope I can attain that level at consistency at everything I do. 

Photocredit | IG @thelmzkitchen

: I’d just stop procrastinating. I’m tired of the set backs this is causing me but I don’t even know how to stop.

Determined to : Achieve all the goals I laid out for August by the end of the month. 

Craving : Flat mules. I love mules a lot and having a flat one that I can wear everyday everywhere would be awesome. Just look at this Guisepe Zanotti beauty…

Excited to : See the DesiréeIyama ‘back to school’ collection. Desirée is such a hardworking young woman and I love her for that, very inspiring to me. Do check out their IG : @shop_desireeiyama as their site is currently undergoing reconstruction. 

: A rush of one gazillion bubble balls of emotions running around inside me. I was watching Akeelah and the bee a few days ago and I was crying, like who does that? 

Anticipating : Nothing in particular (TBH I’m anticipating something but I’m too shy to share lol

Happy about
: The very cool weather. In as much as I need the sun so I can take bomb photos I still love how I get to sleep with my cute socks on without heat making me take them off in the dead of the night. 

Appreciating : Everyone that takes time out of their busy schedule to visit my blog and even send me emails with words of encouragement, I absolutely appreciate it. 

Irritated by : Nothing at the moment.

Inspired by : IG @kristinadapaah her Instagram feed is goals!! Minimal, clean and very well put together. You should totally be following her. 

Planning to : Take out my braids. It’s barely two weeks but I’m super bored of it already, I think I’d just start braiding my hair myself so when I need to take it out I won’t start feeling like I wasted the braiders time. 

: My Casio wrist watch. If you’re planning on getting a new wrist watch you should get this!! It’s light weight, water resistant (I wear mine to shower) and absolutely CHIC and STYLISH. 

Regretting : A couple of decisions I made but oh well I’ve learnt lessons so I’m good. 

Unsure about
: So many things basically because only God knows tomorrow. 

Reading : Nothing!! Not even my school notes. I’m going to resume studying this week anyway, I just wanted to rest and pamper myself all weekend.

Listening to : Desiigner | Timmy Turner. No words to describe how much I love this song and I don’t even have the slightest idea why. I just get serious chills when it comes on. 

That’s all on ‘Ifeoma lately’ dear. Thank you for visiting my blog today, may this week be a very fulfilling one for you. Till next time… xoxo. 
What have you been up to lately? Do we have anything in common? I’d really love to hear from you, do leave a reply thanks. 


19 thoughts on “Currently I Am… #5

  1. I love Desiree’s clothes.So chic but simple. I’ve been doing a 10-day makeup challenge on my blog. I’ve practically been eating,sleeping and dreaming makeup.I just finished so I’m taking a break.Check it out and tell me what look is your favorite.


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