How To : Effectively Store Your MakeUp

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How did your week go? I was having a really good week till Wednesday night when I caught a serious cold and I’m not even one to take drugs so till now I’m still battling with the cold. On to a lighter note, I heard about a storage company MakeSpace and their Store Your Stash Challenge which is just a makeup storage post and that’s what today’s post is about

I’m not really big on make up as I only stock up on red lipsticks which can just fit in a purse so I contacted my awesome South African blogger friend Aphiwe Khambule to share how she stores her makeup supplies with us and here is what she has to say…

The 101 on Storing your Makeup

 The ever-growing collection of one’s makeup has unfortunately also resulted in chaos in the bathroom. Many of us prefer applying our makeup using the bathroom mirror which makes complete sense, because natural lighting. However, storing your makeup and brushes in area where it gets direct sunlight can damage the makeup and brushes. Also if you’re someone who enjoys taking hot showers keeping your makeup in your bathroom is also damaging. It can cause the products such as your eye-shadows and compact powders to loose their pigmentation. Therefore makeup such as powders, foundations and concealers should not be stored in a bathroom instead you should store your makeup in a cool place away from humidity and the sun. Even placing it in a dark drawer is safer and more convenient than leaving it out on the windowsill.

 When it comes to my makeup you will usually find it placed on my dressing table away from direct sunlight. I store my makeup brushes in a vintage styled toothbrush holder and my sponges are piled in a small, white basket. 

My makeup product essentials such as my powders, foundations, eye-shadows and lipsticks will usually be neatly stacked out in the open on my dressing table. Storing my makeup in a bag was a hassle for me, especially in the mornings when I would have to rumble through my makeup bag looking for that particular eyeliner colour. So I opt to placing it out on my table and this can sometimes be chaotic, but it is what works best for me.

 Just some quick housekeeping tips for maintaining and storing your makeup:

 • Try to store your face and eye makeup brushes separately that way it makes it easier for you to find the smaller brushes like your eye-shadow brush. Use old jars and containers as makeup brush holders.

 • If you’re a lover of lipsticks like my sister, I would suggest placing your lipsticks upside down so you can see the name of the colour instantly. Without having to browse through every shade of lipstick colour just to find that ‘Ruby Woo.’

 Just like how your skin is delicate and sensitive, your makeup is exactly the same. Therefore it needs to be cared for and kept safe so it can last longer and look great on your face. After all no one likes cakey foundation, so love, care and appreciate your makeup.

If you are currently living in America and would like to get first hand storage solution do not hesitate to contact Makespace and check out their self storage locations especially if you want a very cluster free airy and bright space.
Featured image via google images. Images in post taken by Aphiwe.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have any storage tip you want to share? Do not hesitate to leave a reply below, thanks. 


13 thoughts on “How To : Effectively Store Your MakeUp

  1. I store some of my stuff in an acrylic type container that came in my fridge when I bought it since I never put it to use.It’s really nice and I like it plus I also store my perfumes and some other fancy stuff on the rotating glass of an old microwave.I love how it looks because the glass makes my table look very classy.

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