Portraits And A Facebeat

          Happy New Month!!

I’ve become consistently late at this new month thing (I guess the ‘be consistent at everything you do’ quote is at work lol), I really should work on having a new post ready for the first day of the month what do you think? 

Anyway as the post title suggests, I had my face beat by an amazing makeup artist Dolapo the woman behind the Facecraftbyasabi brand and what’s a facebeat with photos? We had the talented Bryan Nmeka (IG : praiz_that_photographer) behind the lens. If you know me, you’d know this is a big deal to me as I hardly ever have makeup on or even know how to apply makeup well so having someone do my makeup is an avenue for me to learn one or two things. 

maybellineny, affordable face powder, milani, morphe brushes, morphe 35C
Product Used : 

Face : Elf primer, Kuddy cosmetics setting spray, Milani concealer, BH foundation, Classic foundation, Zaron finishing spray.

Highlight : LA girl concealer in fawn, Sacha buttercup setting powder.

Contour : Maybelline powder in moccha. 

Brow : Jordanna eyebrow pencil

Eyes : Morphe brushes 35c multicolor eyeshadow palette, BH cosmetics eyeshadow palette, Zaron liquid liner, Mabrook eyeliner 

Lashes : Artmatic lashes

Lips : Kiss beauty lip liner, Banoos liquid lipstick, Milani lipstick.

red makeup tutorial, sacha buttercup, elf, good primer, kuddy cosmetics, affordable human hair lashes

I totally loved having her do my makeup because she listened to all my concerns, I told her I didn’t want to trim my eyebrows as I’m growing them out and she found a way to work with my bush they way it is. I also told her the only color I want is red and y’all can already see the beautiful look she created but the best part was how she wasn’t pressing on my head like how I’ve seen a lot of makeup artists do so I was totally comfortable the whole time and you already know that for me COMFORT IS KEY!!

What do you think of this makeup look? Ever used any of the products listed above? Do leave a reply below, I’d love to hear from you.


22 thoughts on “Portraits And A Facebeat

  1. It’s nice to find a creative person who listens to you.
    The red is just perfect and the overall effect is 👌🔥.
    I have more of classic products, they are not too pricey and it perfect for a learner or everyday makeup.


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