5 Tips On How To Look Good Always

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                 Hey lovely, 

How are you enjoying your holiday (if you’re reading from Nigeria that is)? I’m home from school and relaxing with my family and it’s been amazing. 

Being home with my huge ass mirror has me constantly thanking God for how beautiful he made me. For the most part of my teenage years (I’m 21 now) I thought I was very ugly although people always told me how pretty they thought I looked but for very silly reasons I just didn’t see what they saw. I’m glad that’s in the past now and in today’s post I’d be sharing with you the 5 things I did to actually start believing in my slay. 

This is the most important step!! You’re too short or too tall or too fat or too skinny or cross eyed or you’re bow legged or have pimples infested face? Accept that you have it, own every bit of it!! Self deceit is not healthy at all and this way when people come at you and say ‘hey big lips’ you’d smack those lips, smile and reply ‘hi’. Trust me when I say said person would never come at you for having big lips ever again. Remember how freckles used to be laughed at? Now I hear people are getting freckles tattoo… That’s life you know.

There are some flaws that you really can’t work on and that’s very fine but there are some you can work on like if you suffer from acne for example, seek medical help, pay proper attention to your skin, read books or any material at all on how to manage that flaw very well etc

Just like the photo implies, get rid of anyone or anything that gives off negative vibes. Stay away from people that say things like ‘you’d be finer if you were taller’ in a downgrading way. God knew you’d be perfect with that fat nose that’s why he made you that way or do you think God has flesh to waste? Lol. Try to surround yourself with positivity and people that pay sincere compliments (ps : if nobody compliments you, I’m certain you have a mouth so do it yourself!!).

You like that girls flawless skin? Instead of sulking and wishing you had skin like hers let her be your motivation to start a skincare routine, you can even go ahead and ask her about her routine and the products she uses. You are sad that dress doesn’t fit because you have small breasts but fits the other girl? Babe, there are one thousand and one dress styles out there that are perfect for you.

This can’t be stressed enough!! To an extent I started feeling beautiful after I do my shitty makeup, take pictures and they come out nice. I’m always looking at the photos like ‘damn is that you girl 😍’ this really boosted my confidence and a little tip for you, if your face doesn’t want to cooperate with your slay try using the snapchat filters, it works like magic!! (don’t tell anyone I told you this secret okay?)

I really hope this post is helpful, always remember that ‘YOU ARE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU’, believe strongly in your slay and stick to things or people that make you happy because the key to looking good all the time is TRUE HAPPINESS. 
Ps : If you are in Abuja and you want a list of places to thrift shop click here.

Any tips you’d like to share? Kindly do so by leaving a comment below. Looking forward to hearing from you…


26 thoughts on “5 Tips On How To Look Good Always

  1. I was teased about having big pink lips when I was young,but now people pay a lot of money to fill their lips and make it pink,your post just made me feel better about myself,thanks Ifeoma ❤️


  2. I used to think I was “fugly” too and I used to get teased for being skinny in high school (still get teased once in a while tho) but I hit my teenage years and I just didn’t care anymore. And then people started complementing my body and asking me if I modelled and shii and then I felt good about myself. Great post still 👍
    Please bless us with an outfit post soon 😊😊


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