Currently listening to Nonso Amadi – Tonight (it’s bomb!!) 

                    Hi dear,

I’m sure you’ve noticed how I’ve been posting less as time goes by, that’s because I starting my exams in a few weeks and I’m a student first before I’m a blogger so I have to pay extra attention to my studies because the good grades don’t happen by magic. 

I took a break from school and work to unwind at the BMW X Maju shopping party and I asked if I should gist y’all about it and I got a lot of yes replies so that’s what today’s post is about. 

The Venue 

The event was held at the Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. Words can express my amazement at such vast beautiful acres of land that place is, I had to tell my Uber driver to drive slowly so I can take in the beauty of God that he showed off in that place. I hear it’s undergoing some development and I really can’t wait to see what they’d make out of the place. 

The Shopping Experience 

There were a couple of vendors at the venue selling all sort of things from edible things to wearable stuff but hey, I went there for Maju so I just walked straight to the gorgeous Maju stall. There were a lot of beautiful people that came to shop the new pieces ShopMaju has to offer, things to keep your mouth busy while you shop and ofcourse being in that environment made me very happy. You can shop the new ShopMaju pieces here.

I didn’t take lots of pictures as the event started by 2pm but I was late as usual and got there at 5:45pm but I’m super glad I took my lazy ass there as I had an amazing time, unlike this time when I was too shy to ask a celebrity for a selfie, I met Olamide (Baddo) and we took a selfie and I also got some things which automatically made my weekend awesome. Can’t wait to see what this weekend has in store for me.            
       Till next time… xoxo

How do you like to spend your weekends? Ever gotten any item from ShopMaju? What do you think of them? Looking forward to your replies…



  1. lol @ selfie with Olamide. all d best in ur exams dear. As much as i love to go out on weekends, dis lagos traffic no be for here lol so i just chill @ home if i really don’t v to go out.


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