30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge

Currently listening to Young thug – Turn Up (just because it’s Friday!!)              

                Whoop whoop!!! 

It’s finally the last day of the month of September and I’m really grateful to God for letting you and I see this day. I’ve been participating in a ’30 Days Of Gratitude’ challenge on my twitter account and I thought I should share all the things I was grateful for this month with you. 

#Day1 : The smell of money (I’m ibo so it’s expected lol)

#Day2 : Has to be the wonder that is popularly known as ‘camera‘.

#Day3 : The colour blue because that’s the colour of the peng BRT buses the Lagos state governor provided us with that always leaves me feeling like I’m in the diaspora.

#Day4 : Bread because it’s the only food I can’t say no to.

#Day5 : The sound of the rain.

#Day6 : The beautiful sky.

#Day7 : First term in high school, I resumed high school in Jss2 and I still topped my class. This made me realize how powerful I am once I’m determined. 

#Day8 : The bible, quite an interesting book. It keeps me focused.

#Day9 : My bedroom just because it has all my favorite things in it like my clothes, mirror, bed etc.

#Day10 : The taste of coffee.

#Day11 : The just concluded sallah holiday, it was a productive holiday for me and I SLEPT well too.

#Day12 : I can’t decide between fur and denim, so I pick both. 

#Day13 : Ability to recreate from previously existing things.

#Day14 : Him 

#Day15 : Mango season (I have suddenly developed a likeness for mango this year)

#Day16 : TBH I love everything!! I spent mins trying to pick one thing but I couldn’t. 

#Day17 : Knowledge of good and evil.

#Day18 : The piece of art that I am. Yes I’m art, Gods own masterpiece. 

#Day19 : His touch.

#Day20 : My sister 

#Day21 : All the songs on Justin Timberlakes 20/20 album. 

#Day22 : My mums story of how she found love in my dad.

#Day23 : The Yoruba wedding engagement ceremony, always LIT!!!

#Day24 : Challenge of doing right in a world where wrong is a norm.

#Day25 : Hearing my class was cancelled (don’t judge me).

#Day26 : Having tears run down my eyes, I always feel better when I cry.

#Day27 : My phone

#Day28 : My friend Nike treated me to a mani and pedi that I’ve been craving.

#Day29 : My sister yet again.

#Day30 : The ability to create.

                   The End

My main aim of posting this is to show you that it’s not until you own a car or buy a house or graduate from Uni before you give gratitude because I’ve come to realize that when you are grateful for the little things people tend to want to do more for you. In this light I’d like to say I’m really grateful for all the views, comments and even mails that I’ve gotten from this blog and as we enter into a new month in a few hours be sure to do so with an attitude of gratefulness.
            Till next time… xoxo

What are you grateful for today? Do share with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.


12 thoughts on “30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge

  1. I actually started this 30day gratitude thing with you, unfortunately school took my life as always! But this is so nice!! Im aldo Igbo and the smell of money is very calming! Other’s will probably never understand this! Im also grateful for my brothers! Still would have loved to have a sister.
    Gratitude is so necessary thank you for reminding us how important it is to be grateful!🙌🙌


  2. I love this. Gratitude is the key to contentment and happiness, it’s all about finding joy in the little things. I agree with your gratitude of day one, the smell of new, crispy, mint notes is a mood lifter. I’m grateful for my mother, learning, decent, hard-working people, books, good food and the gift of life. I’m especially grateful for whoever invented deep conditioners.


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