Wardrobe Essential : The Vintage Scarf 

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         Happy hump day darling 

Why is Wednesday called hump day anyway? I think it’s because it’s the middle of the work week and on a camels back the hump is in the middle *insert laughing out loud emoji here* but really if you know why do let me know in the comment box below. 

Now to today’s post, I’ve realized that in the past months I’ve been stocking up on this really pretty cool accessory and I’ve been styling it is so many different ways it’s only right I dedicate a post to it. This wonder accessory I speak of is the ‘Vintage inspired square scarf‘ and in this post I’d be showing you my favorite ways to style it.

As A Belt : 


This has to be my favorite one, I’m mostly always wearing a pair of jeans and tee which might come off as just basic but to make my outfit basicbutnotbasic I simply pass a vintage scarf through the belt loops and I’m good to go.  

As A Choker :


Till today I’ve still not bought a proper conventional choker because why spend money on the random chokers when like in this post I can make any choker I want? (jokes!! TBH I’m just broke). But really I just how the scarf looks around my neck. 

As A Bag Accessory : 


I hardly ever go out these days without a vintage scarf tied in s cute bow to some part of my bag. I love how it makes my bags look more expensive than it really is and you know well that I’m all about looking good for less

As a natural haired girl, these scarfs also come in very handy when it come to managing your hair as most of the vintage scarves come in satin materials. You know what they always say that ‘the best things in life are free’ yeah? Well these scarves are almost free as I thrifted the three photographed above for a hundred and fifty naira. So I hope I’ve been able to convince you to add a vintage scarf to your accessory collection with these few points of mine, do enjoy the rest of your week! 
         Till Next Time… xoxo


What’s your must have accessory? Do you own a vintage scarf? What’s your fav way to style it? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks.


37 thoughts on “Wardrobe Essential : The Vintage Scarf 

  1. I totally love your blog, sense of style and your pictures are always great. I don’t exactly use scarfs for anything else but tie on my head but I just might try out these other options. Look great! 💕


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