Product Review : The Perfect Soap For Oily Skin

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Finally it’s the weekend and time to activate that slay mode of yours (that’s if you haven’t been doing so all week) but there is a problem and it’s how your makeup won’t stay flawless thanks to excess oil production on your face, then sister this post is for YOU!! 

I discovered the EbonyAndIndigo  natural skincare line after someone from the brand contacted me for a collaboration, I’m not really into skincare because I can hardly get my lazy self to maintain a regimen but somehow I was super hyped about this brand maybe because NATURAL is their thing and I have heard about how natural ingredients work magic. On meeting with the brand, first thing they noticed about my skin was how oily it was and quickly recommended the Tea Tree and Calendula soap (I honestly never heard of calendula till that day) by the Simple Soaps brand. They assured that with consistent usage I should see results in 4-5 days. Well it’s been way over 5 days and in today’s post I’d be sharing my personal opinion about the product.

My first impressions 

– I didn’t really like the packaging because I’m the type to buy something just because I think it’s pretty. If this was in the shelf in a store best believe I’d walk past it without even one glance. 

– It doesn’t have a sweet smell like I expected as it’s totally natural with no additional fragrance but it doesn’t smell bad either. It has kinda like a neutral barely there fragrance.

– It foams really well which I believe will make it last longer. 

How I Use It 

– I splat little amount of water on my face, then rub the tea tree and calendula soap all over my face focusing more on the areas on my face that gets oily the most.

– I rub this in till the soap isn’t visible on my face anymore.

– I then wash this off after I’ve washed the whole of my body, which I believe gives it enough time to work its magic. 

Final Thoughts 

– I’ve observed less oil secretion on my face, even when I have makeup on the oil breaks out after a long time little by little like it does when I use milk of magnesia as primer.

– I also used it on my whole body and I haven’t experienced any form of dryness of break outs yet. 

– I’d definitely buy this product once I’m done with my current bar. 

This Tea Tree and Calendula soap costs three thousand naira but that’s due to the current exchange rate as they are imported from the UK but even at that, it’s totally worth it the splurge. Be sure to visit the EbonyAndIndigo website to purchase this soap or to learn more about the wide range of natural skincare, hair and body products they have in store and find which product suits your needs. Do have a fabulous weekend ahead.

Would you give this soap a trial? What others ways have you treated your oily skin that has worked for you? Do share with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.


5 thoughts on “Product Review : The Perfect Soap For Oily Skin

  1. Baby Girlll!! I love love love love and love your blog. You write so good and I’ve never seen a boring post from you. You’re amazing. Ps; i know you’re still a student and all but please consider us. You got us addicted to this drug. Love always 💞


  2. I think its a lil pricey and I don’t know if I’ll give it a try, I use Dudu Osun and it has been working for me!!! I also stopped using makeup all the time maybe like twice or once a week and that made a huge difference.


    • I know right but that’s just because one pound is about 600naira. I use Dudu Osun too but after a few weeks it wasn’t doing my face any good and I barely wear makeup at all.


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