Thank goodness it’s Friday!!

Finally I’m going to be done with exams in a couple of hours and I really can’t wait because the rest of the month is about to be LIT!!!

One of my bag essentials in preparation of the busy next couple of days I’m going to have is a pack of facial wipes (this is a standard right?). I got this Faith In Nature natural facial wipes from the EbonyandIndigo natural skincare line and I tell you the beauty of this product caught me unawares. 

My First Impression :

– To be sincere I wasn’t impressed at all. Dear FaithInNature, I get it that you’re trying to portray the whole natural thing with this green packaging but it’s really ugly (don’t get it twisted I love green as a color). I’m one who pays things because the packing is pretty so if this was just in a store best believe I’d pass. 

– It has a very AMAZING fragrance instead of using it I’ve caught myself just holding it in front of my nose and sniffing it (don’t judge me please.

– It’s really moist

How I Use It :  

– Rub against my face gently, concentrating on parts that needs cleansing the most duhhhhhhh.

Final Thoughts : 

– It is really economical I must say. There are only 25 sheets in a pack, which I initially thought was quite small but unlike other wipes that’d you’d need 2-3 sheets to completely take off your makeup, this does it in one sheet. On days when you have heavy makeup on you’d use 2 sheets at most. 

– This product doesn’t leave my face dry after a wipe which is a huge plus.

I really like this product, so much I haven’t been using it consistently, I’ve been using it only on very special occasions because I want it to last a while. Due to this, I can’t really tell if using this product is causing a positive difference on my facial skin but because it’s a natural product, it contains water, glycerin and aloe vera juice amongst other amazing ingredients so I believe it’s definitely worth a trial from you. Do have a splendid weekend ahead.

Note : This post is in collaboration with EbonyAndIndigo but all images featured are mine and the words are my honest opinion of the product.

              Till Next Time… xoxo

What facial cleanser do you use? Do you always carry a facial cleanser in your bag like I do? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks.



    • I totally agree to it being different. This is made from natural ingredients, so far I’ve not reacted to it or experienced any form of breakouts. Thanks for the wishes Tosin


  1. I kind of like the packaging , and yes facial cleanser is a must in my bag , please what’s happening for rest of the month ? You said it’s about to be lit abeg share with us so we can join in lool


  2. Is it weird that I think the packaging is goooood… I’m a sucker for anything green 🙈. I carry facial cleansers in my bag ooo, I produce so much oil on my face 😒. So wipes are needed!!


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