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Longtime no blogpost right? Oh well I was busy keeping up with the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016. If you follow me on Instagram (thesvnflwr), I bet you enjoyed watching my live feeds if not don’t worry I’d try to do better next year. I wrote about my first time experience of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week in this post, with expectations that this year will be better but to my dismay I wasn’t impressed. The only thing I enjoyed about the four day long fashion week was watching the models walk down the runway in amazing pieces. Some designers really blew my mind like Beloiscouture, amede, DZYN, Styletemple, Tsemaye Binitie, Deji Eniola, Andrea Iyamah and OrangeCulture to name a few. Although there weren’t really any new trends but in today’s post I’d be sharing with you fashion trends that were on high rotation on the runway.  


Almost every designer had an all white look to showcase this year and I absolutely loved it because when it comes to monochrome dressing I’d pick an all white outfit over any other colour

 There was a lot of this, from slashed by Tia to Bridget Awosika to Ejiro Amos Tafiri and so on. I think it’s time to take the cue and add a ruffled piece to my wardrobe, it’s so chic and girly.

 From huge bell sleeves, puffy sleeves to exaggerated sleeves etc the Lagos Fashion and Design Week runway had it all. Designers like Titibello, DZYN, Onalaja had me sleeves lovestruck.

 Yes the fringes are here to stay and it’s squatting it’s nephew tassels. To be sincere I’m really glad about not quitting this trend anytime soon because it’s so much fun, I’m yet to see someone in a fringe or tasseled number that doesn’t just want to keep swaying.

 AndreaIyamah and iola brought drama to the runway in form of bags. While AndreaIyamah had cute bags in the sharp of a globe with floral details, iola had models strutting the runway with talking drum bags. 


 At the sides, at the back, in front of almost every piece the walked the runway they was a slit and the most popular kind of slit I observed are the ones that go all the way up your thigh. 


 This wasn’t on high rotation to be sincere. I’m adding this because a lot of people frown at the idea of wearing socks with your shoes in Nigeria but since O’MILUA X VLISCO showed this on our runway here in Lagos, I’m just going to assume they are telling us it’s okay to dress like that and yes I’m taking the cue!!! 

This year I payed more attention to the runway shows and I was more impressed about this than the general organization of the whole event. Anyway Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 is over, so it’s time to go back to my regular routine. Do have an amazing week dear and I wish you a happy new month in advance. 

           Till next month… xoxo

Photocredit : thefifographer, bellanaijastyle, lfdw_ng, Onalajaofficial.

Did you attend the LFDW 2016? What was your experience like? Which of the trends is your favorite? I’d really love to hear from you.



  1. This year is actually my first time being interested in lfdw, super bumped I wasn’t able to attend live but your insta stories among others filled me up Thanks. Totally love icola drum bags, they’re awesome.. Lfdw2016 was amazing, totally anticipating likewise innovation. I think i love your day 1 outfit and the metallic bottoms for day2.


  2. I did attend (not in person tho) via social media 😂😂 excuse my cheekiness. But I have to say thumbs – up to the bloggers who attended and kept us posted via social media. I really love the all white trend especially from Andrea Iyamah’s collection and the socks and heels from O’milua is something I’m willing to try since we’re gradually embracing it. You didn’t mention the pastel color (TI Nathan, Andrea Iyamah) trend and color blocking (Nuraniya) too. Great post still 👍


  3. I didn’t attend but I ensured i wasn’t left behind lol 😀 street style was way better dis yr, love dat pple are beginning to make an effort nd get creative. Andrea iyamah and dzyn were my faves tho. On trends, killer sleeves nd d socks×shoes are my faves, can’t wait to pounce on dem lol


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