Happy November!!! 

I remember saying last month that I want to be able to post at the beginning of the month, well here I am doing that, although it’s not an outfit post like I’d have loved it to be but atleast I’m trying. Been two months now since the last currently I am post and I thought it will be a nice post to start the new month with, so Currently I Am…
Wearing : White shirts.

 I’m obsessed with how put together this makes me look no matter what I pair it with, I think everyone should invest in one. 

Admiring : Bianca Abigail Smit. 

She was one of the models that walked on the just concluded Lagos fashion and design week runway and she was remarkably excellent at what she does. 

Wishing : I could attend my friends graduation ceremony. She just bagged a masters degree with an excellent result, I’m so proud of her and wish I could be there to cheer her on. She is also a blogger like myself with an amazing witty writing skill, I bet you’d fall in love with her blog.

Determined to : Save some more. I know I say this all the time but I’d keep saying it till I start doing because I’m a strong believer of the ‘there is power in tongue’ saying. 

Craving : Fried bread and egg. It’s been only three days since I had this last and I’m already missing it. This was my breakfast, lunch and dinner 90% of the just concluded school year, I guess it’s safe to say I miss school (that’s me joking).

Excited to : Be back in an office.

 I hope to work in fashion when I’m done with Uni, so being at my current place of work is really exciting. Although I’ve worked there before, this time I’m attaining a much higher position and I have a huge mirror just across my desk *insert galala dance here*.

Feeling : very pampered. I’m on vacation from school and trust my parents to treat you like royalty, I’d say that’s one of the perks of coming from a small family that consists of daddy, mummy, Sanita (me) and Sandra.

Anticipating : The 87origins sample sale party!!

87origins is one clothing brand that I love a lot, their price range for the amazing quality of their pieces is applaudable. So clear your calendar and make it down here this Saturday (all details are the photo above).

Happy about : The constant power supply at home. The situation of the country has been really bad for a while now and I’m just happy atleast one thing is right, so all hope shouldn’t be lost yet.

Appreciating : The Nigerian brands that are open to working with bloggers in Nigeria. I appreciate them for recognizing the work bloggers put into what they do and are willing to pay them for it because exposure can’t pay no bills. 

Irritated by : UberNigeria. 

If I start ranting it will take me the rest of this blog post and I still won’t be done. Anyway I’m just going to stick with my buses knowing I’d be stressed and facing it squarely instead of being over charged for comfort and still ending up stressed.

Inspired by : Andrea Iyamah. 

She is a renowned fashion designer and was almost everyone’s favorite at the LFDW’16. I just found out that she is just a year older than I am and she is already a household name. 

Planning to : Start taking care of my hair. I cut my hair exactly a month ago and I’ve noticed growth so it’s time for deep conditioning, pre-pooing and the likes. I can’t wait for it to grow longer because I miss playing with my hair so bad. 

Loving : This bag my mum got me. 

It’s so chic, comes in a very gorgeous leather and the best part is how I can pair it with almost everything (versatility is key).

Regretting : Having custard for breakfast this morning knowing fully well that custard makes me have runny stomach.

Unsure about : If to get a sew-in or to make a wig outta my old weave.

Reading : Content on the Internet on how to excel at online marketing.

Listening to – Still on that Timmy Turner tune, I’ve not had time for new music in a while. You can recommend some good music you’ve been hooked on lately in the comment box (Looking forward to your suggestions).

That’s pretty much a sneak peak into my life right now, if you want to keep up with me you can follow me on Instagram @thesvnflwr and you’d sure be entertained by my boring life. Do enjoy the rest of your week.

                Till next time… xoxo

What are your plans for November? Do we have similar likes and dislikes? Do let me know by leaving a comment below thanks.


28 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM #6

  1. Enjoyed reading this 🙂 I love the concept of these “currently”/taking stock posts. My last blog post was something similar – is it just me that finds writing these therapeutic? Lool x


  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the Timmy Turner song. My friend convinced me to download it and we were so impressed that we spent the whole day learning the lyrics. Now I am proud to say I can sing along.


  3. I love the white outfit. That bag totally rocks, I have already pictured outfits for it 😅. Awww I am working this weekend, so bumped on not attending The 87orgins but I trust your insta stories would be giving me details thanks in advance.


  4. network doesn’t want me to b great, cut my comment short :+ subscribed to d Friend’s blog, love it. i just stumbled on Enya’s Music so ryt nao, she’s all i listen to, if u haven’t listened to any of her songs, u shud. xoxo


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