Thank God It’s Friday!!

Not like I’m getting any rest though as it’s the GTBank Fashion Weekend and I’d be in attendance on both days but hey! It’s fashion we talking about here, so I don’t really mind. 

On my IG I asked if you’d still love to find out the crappy stuff I carry around in my bag because I’ve always wanted to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ post and I got positive responses. Today is the day I take you on a bag tour, so brace yourself as I unravel the content of my work bag…


This was a parting gift from my friend as we were going to stop staying together anymore because she is now done with Uni. The bag is from River Island and I think it’s a wardrobe basic because Satchels are always going to be in season, you can dust it at anytime, hit the road and look fly. What I love the most is the grey color and gold detailing of the bag. 


Notepad (and ofcourse a pen to write with) : I got this from an event where MallForAfrica was a sponsor and they gifted attendees with it. The carton brown color is what I love about this notepad and it’s full of my lists (list of things to buy, lists of things not to eat, list of how many black underwear I own and every other weird list you can think of lol

Hand Fan : I live in Lagos Nigeria so this is a NECESSITY!! 

Face Wipe : This I can’t do without. I barely use any makeup most of the time and I’ve got super oily skin, so to keep looking fresh I wipe my face everytime I feel like my face has trapped dust particles. I’m currently using the Faith In Nature face wipe stocked by the EbonyAndIndigo natural skincare brand. You can check out what I think of it here.

Hand Cream : My awesome butter fingers gotta be in my bag all the time. Having a dad that’s a pharmacist I tend to wash my hand as often as water is within my reach so I need my butter fingers to avoid ashy hands.

Glasses : If you check my bag on a typical day you’d find more than 3 pairs of glasses but for the sake of this post and so other things can fit in my satchel I limited it to two. The clear ones for when I’m indoor and the dark shades for when the sun tries to test me when I’m outdoors. 

Pressed Powder : Thanks to my oily skin I have to dab on some powder from time to time especially on days when I have makeup on to keep my foundation from shifting. I’m currently loving this Maybelline clear and smooth powder, I think I’ve finally found the one. 

Magazine : Is it weird that I can this around incase I want to take a flatlay? I take flatlays everywhere and anywhere as long as the inspiration comes so I gotta stay well equipped. 

Perfume : First impressions matter a lot especially when it comes to how people smell. 

Earphone : If I’m not carrying a bag then you’d find this around my neck. This is the only way I’ve survived as a public commuter in Lagos, plug them in and shut out all the unintelligent conversations and deafening noise on the streets of Lagos. 

Other items not photographed are my charger, my uhu glue (I told you I’m always equipped), my hairbrush, red lipstick etc. That’s it’s guys, you can stop invading my privacy now lol. Have an weekend ahead.

         Till next time… xoxo

What are your bag essentials? Do share with me, I’d love to see what we carry around in common. 



  1. You have such nice stuff in your bag! Very smart! I always loved the idea of having all the essentials in my bag, then I became a law student and due to my habit of practically putting in EVERYTHING I believe I need for the day I have made my bag suffer. Picture several fat textbooks, a pencil case, file, wallet, phone, computer sometimes .. all in one handbag! God forgive me for what I’ve done to my handbag lol


  2. Lol but what are you even using uhu glue to do 😂😂😂😂
    Great post dear.. You need to do a post on how you take your flat lays, a girl needs it.

    I actually have a sunglasses collection #getshaded you can always hit me up if you interested in one ☺️☺️☺️

    I don’t really carry handbags because I’m mostly in school..maybe sometime when I’m home..great post dear



    • My Uhu glue is my companion, I’m always making something or trying to fix something. Even in school I must carry a bag, maybe it’s because I have a lot of stuff that have to be with me all the time


  3. Well, not to be weird or anything but I always carry my pencil case complete with highlighters, nataraj pencils, engineering rulers, my docket and school fees receipt. These medical school people can like to show themselves with a test anytime.
    And then there’s the half eaten bole (roasted plantain), paper scraps, a book I’ll never read and maybe a screwdriver.
    Real jungle in there. lol.



  4. Dis post z so helpful, I’ve had guys ask me numerous tyms why my bag z always so light unlike oda girls, nao i know what to stock my bag with. D only thing i usually carry in my bag are my glasses, handkerchief , my phone and dats it. Lmao @ “stop invading ur privacy” I’m not sure we’d b stopping anytym soon 😊

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