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           IKR, finally an outfit post!

I’ve been really busy that I’ve not had time to have anyone take my photos and my fav guy isn’t available right so I didn’t even bother till one day the amazing Olarenwaju_V (IG) was kind enough to come take pictures of me at work and this post was born. 

What I’m Wearing : 

Top : Fashpa

Skirt : Fashpa 

Shoe : DIY Manolo Blahnik Inspired Shoe

This lovely skirt is my highlight of this outfit, immediately I spotted the skirt at the FASHPA Fit Studio I knew my body has to be in it one day and mama we made it happen. The fit and tailoring of this skirt is amazing and the little sheer thing going on has my heart. I decided to pair it with this cold shoulder stripped blouse in attempt to create a look for that girl that wants to appear smart and formal but not uptight. This can also be worn to church and if you plan to have brunch when you’re done (I plan to do this every Sunday when I’m rich) you can switch up the skirt with a pair of skinny jeans and the shoe for a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go.

The gods of lightning weren’t even with us when these photos were taken but nothing was going to stop me from shooting this look and I’m really glad I didn’t let the dark clouds discourage me because I think it was worth it at the end of the day. 

Special thanks to Olarenwaju_V (IG) for taking out time to take these photos.      

               Till next time… xoxo.

What do you think of this look and where would you wear it to? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts…


36 thoughts on “OUTFIT | FEELING BLUE

  1. D blouse and skirt are so niceeeee 😍 i love d bag too. Finally an outfit post *whew* lol. I’d definitely wear dis to church and work, business meetings too and for social events, I’d switch d top and shoes but d skirt z staying lol.

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