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So I read this post of recent and it talked about ways to get what’s on your Christmas wishlist and one of the ways that struck me is ‘sharing it on social media’, so I decided to after so much speculations publish the 5 things on my Christmas wishlist.

1.The Sony A7000 : 

This might seem like a lofty wish as this camera was released for retail at $1,499 but wishing is free right? So I’m very much allowed. I really wouldn’t mind a lesser camera in the Sony A-series along with someone to follow me around to take pictures because I know this blog is lacking outfit posts and that’s not right.

A VitaeLondon Wristwatch :

First of all (go down low!) I became interested in this brand when I saw a photo on Instagram of one of my fav bloggers rocking a very beautiful watch from the brand, then I found out it was an African brand so ofcourse you know your girl gotta support the movement. 

Mules :

 If you follow my other social media accounts, you’d know how much I love mules and I doubt I’d ever get tired of this easy to wear yet chic style of shoes. My go-to site to shop mules is as they carry a wide range of mule designs, a price range that cater for every one and they ship worldwide. I’m currently loving the Tale Mules collection.


Can we take a minute to appreciate how aesthetically pleasing the one thousand naira bill is? Okay one minute is up! back to the post. There are a lot more things I want but didn’t make it to this list like the hdqgoods 2017 planner, so incase you want to send me money, just send me a mail with the title ‘ACCOUNT NUMBER REQUEST’ and I’d get back to you asap.

The Fruits Of The Spirit

Really no material thing is worth anything near these fruits and I pray for them not only for Christmas but all the days of my life, so y’all be sure to include me in your prayers.

Though I know none of you here might tick anything off this list of mine (we’d still be cool don’t worry), I hope this serves as a gift guide if you plan on gifting your family and friends this wonderful season of giving whole heartedly as God gave his only begotten son to us (John 3 : 16) and if you can’t buy them gifts, pray for them, it goes a long way.

           Till my next post… xoxo

Photocredit : Uzypaws, Google, Vitaelondon, Asos, T2pitchy (all IG handles)

What’s on your own wishlist? Do share below in the comment section, someone might just get it for you.



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