Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, lalalalalala… (I barely know the lyrics) 

It’s the first day of 12 of Christmas and I’m super excited and not excited at the same time because Nigeria isn’t really in a state for one to be merry but when I think of how great it is that Jesus was born to die for me to be free and how amazing the year has being despite all the ‘Ls’ 2016 was steady serving I gotta be very excited. 

In today’s post, I’d be sharing with you tips on how to style pieces from your wardrobe for that upcoming Christmas party you’re attending straight from work especially if you’re not ready to spend money on a ‘Christmas dress

What I’m Wearing : 

Top : Boohoo (thrifted)

Pants : Armani (thrifted)

Shoe : River Island

Purse : Gift

Tip 1 : Opt for wide legged pants. This style of pants is very versatile and can easily be styled from day time to night time.

Tip 2 : Instead of your conventional cami top go for a more outerwear appropriate kind of cami like the one I have on. Tucking the cami top into you pants gives a jumpsuit illusion and jumpsuits are very cocktail party appropriate.

See more of my tips on holiday cocktail/dinner dress shopping here.

Tip 3 : Switch up your your tote bag for a nice clutch purse and your court shoes for a cute pair of sandal stilettos.

Tip 4 : Touch up on your make up, make it night time sassy and girl you’re good to go. 

On this note, do be sure to invite me to your Christmas parties but only if ‘goat meat’ will be served. I repeat, only if ‘goat meat’ aka ‘Asun’ will be served!! Do enjoy the rest of your week lovely.

              Till next time… xoxo

What are your thoughts on this look? Is this something you’d wear? Do let me know by leaving a comment below thanks.



  1. You’re not serious girl, sha I’m inviting you for my party but there will be no goat meat oh, mom doesn’t like it. Love the simplicity by the way, and yes to the tip about the tank top, really changed the whole feel of the outfit.

     Princess Audu 


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