Ofcourse you bet I’m bringing this post with me into 2017 because asides from the fact that it gets lots of views (I most have nosy readers but I love you guys anyway), I absolutely enjoy writing it. This I like to publish at the first week of every month but I wasn’t about to give you any 2016 gist, I had to give 2017 sometime and it paid off so Currently I Am…

Wearing : Skirts as blouses. If you haven’t seen my last post I urge you to and I bet you’d be considering doing this too.

Admiring : Tracy Ellis Ross. She is my woman crush anyway, not only did she have a big win at the just concluded golden globes, her hair, skin and the kind of grace she oozes are real life goals.

Wishing : I could teleport. My heart is somewhere far away, enough said.
Determined To : Not skip classes of my elective courses this semester (don’t judge me

Craving : A Polaroid camera just because I think they are the cutest things ever.

Excited To : this one is a secret!! Stay tuned.

Feeling : Very sleepy!! I’m in an extremely boring class at the moment.

Anticipating : My trip to Alara. I’ve been wanting to go there since forever and this month won’t pass me by.

Happy About : Waking up to being people’s woman crush today simply because I inspire them. It feels really amazing to know little me inspires people.

Appreciating : Life in general and the Mr.

Irritated By : The lecturer of the class I’m in. It’s really not by force to teach, these lecturers don’t understand that teaching is a delicate job and that they can’t afford to have a nonchalant attitude while executing it.

Inspired By : A conversation I had recently about how to get to where I aspire to be in the nearest future and I’m all fired up right now. Good meaningful conversations are priceless.

Planning To : Get myself a planner, not necessarily something expensive but something fancy that will always make me want to write in it because I’ve realized I get things done more when I write them down, you should definitely get one too if you haven’t yet.

Loving : My new makeup routine for school. If you’d love to hear about this leave a comment below.

Regretting : Not buying a FILA sweatshirt a few weeks ago, till today i still can’t get the pretty image out of my mind and still beat myself up for not buying it immediately.

Unsure About : What I want to do with my hair. I cut my hair 3months ago and sometime ago I was going to relax it but my curl pattern is too bomb and I want to see how it will look longer but I still want to be a baldie too. 

Reading : Have a new you by Friday written by the amazing Kevin Leman. If you’d like me to highlight some points from this book in a post do let me know.

Listening To : Every thing and any thing. Haven’t gotten my 2017 playlist yet because GTBank won’t let me pay for Apple Music now that we aren’t paying in dollars anymore.

That’s it guys on my 2017 so far. I believe this would be an eventful year and I can’t wait to keep sharing my journey with you. Do enjoy the rest of your week.
          Till next time… xoxo.

Word for the day : “In other to succeed, you must know what you’re doing, love what you’re doing and believe in what you’re doing” _ Robert Kiyosaki.

How has 2017 been for you so far? Do we share any thing on the list in common? Do let me know by leaving a comment below.


30 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM…

  1. 👌👌 lol, you have patience ooo, I would have dozed off since in that class. Congrats on being an inspiration, fortunately I have had that little slice of heaven feeling. I am listening varied songs, its confusing but I am trying to find my voice at the moment. Definitely love my new make up routine of going natural, lool. Definitely not loving my hair, frustrating.
    This was a beautiful post dear, keep up the good work.


  2. 2017 z flying by so fast i must say. 2017 started with a bit of drama but I’m glad dat z over, I’ve bin apreciating d Mr a lot lately too, i think dats what we v in common with ur post. Overall I’m excited about 2017. Pls do a post about ur skul makeup, i just hope it’s sumfin i can grasp cos i know nothing about makeup. Cheers gurl 🍻


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