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These days I’m pretty excited about Fridays because not only is it the start of the weekend it’s now a day when I get to share what my hands have been up to during the course of the week. The embroidery (quick fact : I don’t know how to pronounce that word) trend has been major on the fashion scenes lately and seeing as I’m all about being trendy on a budget I had to make me an embroidered piece and in today’s post I’d be showing you how you can make one too. 

What You’d Need :

* Pair of jeans or any clothing of your choice.

* Needle and thread

* Pair of scissors 

* Marker or pen 

What You Need To Do : 

* Decide what you want embroidered on your clothing. I chose my Instagram handle ‘THESVNFLWR‘ because it’s quite easy since this is my first attempt and I don’t even know how to draw. 

* With your marker or pen write out your wording or sketch your drawing.

* With your needle and thread, saw along the lines of your wording or sketch till you’ve covered all the ink with thread. I advise you use the large needle for easy penetration if you’d be doing this on denim. 

* And viola you’re now spot on on the embroidered trend. 

This was such a fun and easy DIY to do and with Valentine’s Day around the corner it will also make a very thoughtful gift. Since I made this yesterday I’ve been on Google looking for cute short fashion quotes and cheesy words to be embroidered on my jeans, tshirts and anything I can lay hands on. This will definitely be an awesome way to destress this weekend so do give it a trial and be sure to share your results with me. Wishing you a very relaxing weekend.

       Till next time… xoxo.

Word for the day : “You will never succeed in life if you doubt your ability to accomplish a task” _ A. I. Johnson.

What’s your take on the embroidery trend? How do you plan to destress this weekend? Do share your thoughts with me, I’d really love to read them.



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