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How to curate a good Instagram feed, tips on curating the perfect Instagram feedLately I’ve been writing and posting straight away without drafting first because I’ve got 8am to 6pm of classes every damn week day and work too so I’m using this medium to apologize for not posting early at the start of day and for any other errors or grammatical mistakes that you might notice.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I curate my Instagram feed and I want to use this post to answer to the two most frequent questions I get asked. A good Instagram feed is essential as that’s your brands ‘sign board‘ especially when you’re an online brand, as a blogger I’ve gotten loads of requests for collaboration from different brands in Nigeria and in the diaspora with them mentioning that one of the reasons they reached out to me is because they like my Instagram feed and I hope with this post I’m able to bring you on board with me so shall we??

Question 1 : How do I pick a theme?
Answer : Picking a theme is the hardest yet easiest thing to do. People think picking a theme is all about choosing a colour and what not but its really just deciding on what you like and what catches your eyes the most then posting pictures of those things. White is one of my favorite colours and I like how things look against it that’s why it’s my theme. Here is a summary of my feed since my first ever IG post till date : 

Notice how even before I started blogging or even found out how to whiten my backgrounds, my pictures still have the same look. So if blue is your thing or black make it work for you because if you just pick a theme because it’s working for another person or just because you think it’s cool you might find it difficult to keep up.

Question 2 : How do I stay consistent?  

Answer : Being consistent is basically posting similar photos or photos that in line with eachother or look good next to eachother, you can use apps like planoly that shows you your feed before its on Instagram. Another easy way is using the same kind of filters for your pictures but bare in mind that one filter might not look good with all your photos so you have to figure how to use different filters in a way that they still look the same. I use different vsco filters now especially ones in the Aseries but I use one Instagram filter on all the pictures I upload on Instagram.


One way that I’ve been able to keep up with my theme is constantly seeking inspiration but not copying. The last thing you’d want is for your feed or photos to look exactly like someone else’s own especially when you belong in the same field as people and brands can spot a fake or copy and that won’t speak well for your brand. Stay seeking inspiration but be sure to give it your own touch of originality, make it your own so when people spot your photo they wouldn’t need to be told it’s yours. 

I hope I’ve been able to explain well enough to you the little I’ve learnt in the past one year of being on Instagram. Here are a few Instagram accounts with beautiful feeds that don’t have the ‘white theme’ going : 

I’d be writing about how I edit my Instagram and blog photos lately because I’ve made a few changes since I postedthis one so it will be more like an updated version. Do enjoy the rest of your week.
            Till next time… xoxo

Do you have an Instagram theme? How do you keep up with your theme? Do share your tips with me by leaving a reply below, thanks. 



  1. I downloaded the Planoly app and I felt I could reshuffle my pictures cause o tried it once and it worked but now it’s not. I don’t know babe, you can give it a trial


  2. I’ve recently started an Instagram to accompany my blog and I tend to jut post shots I’m proud of or like. I never really considered a theme etc so this post has been really eye opening. I will definitely think about the aesthetics of my page more now so thank you 😘



  3. you are such a lifesaver, I’ve been having problem with IG, cause I felt a few of my pictures were just not as expressive as I wanted them to be. thanks for these tips. definitely gonna improve.



  4. This post couldn’t come at a better time. I just went over my Instagram feed and I was deleting out of place pictures , thanks for this post.
    Ps Do follow me on IG @labakeany Thanks.


    • I’m surprised people think it’s easy though because an everyday in Lagos where I am is full of colors and I totally agree with you on looking similar to everyone else. I’m currently contemplating switching up because I always want to stand out lol


  5. I feel the white theme seems like the easiest. Having to pick a coloured theme seems like I’ll have to start hunting for different backgrounds or props with that same colour. That doesn’t seem easy in Lagos where I live. Also, white just seems to make every other colour pop.
    SerraBellum is feed goals truly.


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  6. I have been waiting for this post, but picking a color is the hardest thing because I have far too many favorite color, so it seems unfair to pick one over the others.


    • Your theme can consist of all your favorite colors, like I said in the post its all about making sure your photos are in line with eachother and properly placed in a way that pleases the eyes.


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