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Hi hi hi my name is Ifeoma and you are welcome again to my blog and today I’m bringing to a very quick DIY post that will definitely update your wardrobe and have you on track with this years fashion trends.

I have been craving a tie-front shirt or skirt since forever and it just seemed like I might never get it off the market so instead of waiting I decided to make one for myself and in this post I’d be sharing all the details with you…

What You’d Need : 

* A long sleeve shirt (I thrifted this shirt)

* A pair of scissors 

* Needle and thread or a sewing machine 

* Pins

* Tape rule 

What You Need To Do :

* Measure the point where you’d like the tie to be, I suggest you pick your waist so when you make the bow it cinches your waist.

* Cut out both sleeves of your shirt at the point where the sleeves join the shoulder.

* Attach the cut out sleeves one on each side of your shirt with your pins and then stitch it down using your sewing machine or hand stitching.

* Take in the hem of your new sleeveless blouse for a neat appearance. 

* Voilà your top is ready to hit the road.

This diy took me less than five minutes as I used s sewing machine to do my stitching but I’m certain it won’t take a while if you are going to be hand stitching. I really can’t wait to show you guys how I’m going to be styling this shirt so be sure to keep coming back to this space. Do enjoy the rest of your weekend.

            Till next time… xoxo.

Have you DIY’ed anything lately? What do you think of the tie front trend? Will you give this DIY a trial? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks.



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