Currently listening to students murmuring as I’m in the lab. 

As highly requested, Tales From The Thrift is backkkkkkkkkkk. I took a break from the post because I stopped having my things in one place, I stopped finding time to take pictures of the things I got all month and I felt like everyone now preaches the gospel of thrift shopping, meaning people now know that we can find awesome pieces thrifting in Nigeria which was the sole purpose of this post but since you really liked it I’ve decided to keep at it. 


Sourced at : Yaba market

I’m still pretty much about buying shoes for myself, you really can’t blame because and just being a girl and you know what they say about girls and shoes. I saw this particular shoe on my Instagram feed and it was love at first sight and I was so happy I could gift it to myself for being a good girl all 2016.


Gucci embroidered purse

Sourced at : Yaba Market

I didn’t plan on shopping when I got these purses but they are my favorite purchase this month. Embroidery and text written on things are totally IT right now and I’m glad I was able to get both for 400 naira each. 

Where to buy slip dresses in Lagos

Sourced at : Yaba Market

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know I’ve been wearing this slip dress almost every other day, I absolutely adore it and it’s by a brand I’ve been eyeing for a long time ‘andotherstories‘. I got this lovely dress for 500 naira.

Flare sleeves, stripped shirts

Bell sleeves, affordable clothes in Lagos

Sourced at : Yaba Market

I was able to snag off the market some wardrobe essentials like the exaggerated bell sleeves top, a Topshop frayed hem mini skirt, a mini flared sleeve top amongst many others from a vendor that retails for 100 naira per piece, y’all best believe I’ve hardly worn a blouse twice this month *covers face*. 

Where to buy cheap jeans in Lagos, Nigeria

Sourced at : Somewhere in Ikorodu, Lagos

I’m still all about the denim, never ever forget and ofcourse I had to have the most popular style of Levi Strauss co jeans ‘the 501‘ to my collection. I never thought I’d find one that’s even my exact size and could pass for brand new in this part of the world, the best part was it was on retail for just 500 naira I didn’t even think twice about getting it.

Cheap glasses in Lagos, rayban

Sourced at : Yaba Market

Now to roundup the amazing thrifting month I’ve had this January, only yesterday I found a replica of the only rayban glasses I’ve ever craved. The only retails for about $200 and I got this for only 700 naira from a road side vendor. I really don’t care if it’s fake (by the way Rayban isn’t written on it so you can’t say it’s a fake call it dupe maybe?) but all I know is I look just as fly when I wear this and that’s all that matters because as you all know (or not), pricey doesn’t always mean stylish. 
          Till next time… xoxo.

Word for the day – “Don’t say something is impossible until you’ve done it yourself” _ Christopher John. 

Have you been thrifting lately? What’s your fav find this month? If I started a thrift shop will you buy from me? 


56 thoughts on “TALES FROM THE THRIFT JAN’17

  1. Girl, you make me sick! 100 Naira, 400 Naira, 500 Naira?!? Where will I see all these ones in Abuja? Lord I have a serious love/hate relationship with your thrift posts I swear! I love your good eye but then envy just envelops me at the sight of the prices haha! I seriously love your thrifted finds though, they are what drew me to you because I’d never seen a blogger who was as much of a thrift clothing lover as me! Keep doing ya thing!



  2. This is actually the first blog that I’m crazy about just from the first read. I’m not very consistent with bloggers but boy am I gonna be consistent with you. you’re cool…..i like 🙂


  3. Wow i adore your posts and look forward to them, its funny how you get so many amazing things in yaba and i cant seem to find one😢. Please what side of yaba market did you get those purse and skirt(do you have the seller’s no) .

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m super glad you look forward to them. Lol nope I don’t have their numbers but I get them from inside the market not the roadside vendors, just keep your eyes wide open you’d find dope stuff too

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The real thrift queen. You always get good deals. And for great prices.
    Thrift items aren’t this cheap In my city .
    Putting a request again and a subtle reminder for the post on how you do your flat lays.
    Cheers dear.


  5. Eeehhhh Tales from the Thrift is backk *dancing* Did you know I started getting excited to go thrifting because of this series!!!
    I love the bags, specially the black one. I also got some cute bags forr 5oonaira each!! 💕💕💕💕👏



  6. Wow girl I can’t believe these items were thrifted, I’m seriously having major thrift envy right now, I rarely get lucky and at this price, Lagos is the place to be cause Abuja markets, well I’ll leave it at that. I see so many closet essentials in this. Like the slip dress can be styled with the striped blue blouse or even black flare top. Infact all items could be styled with the skirt.

     Princess Audu 


    • Girl I almost only shop closet essentials because I love me a minimal wardrobe. I already plan to pair the slip dress with the blue shirt (sssshhhhh it’s a secret) lol. Thanks for stopping by dear.


  7. would you feel awkward if one of your friends just ran into you while you were seriously digging through that pile at the thrift spot?you know there are a few people who are open to telling the actual place they shop,do u get ?


    • Everyone knows I thrift shop, I always put it out there and even take people to my spots to shop. There is nothing bad in thrift shopping as that’s what I can conveniently afford and I’m proud of it. So nope I won’t feel awkward

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Lol please start a thrift store oh, I would buy if no one does and we both know that’s not possible. Lol at your currently listening, I actually download your currently listening to sometimes #confession. I love the splurge shoes, girl you have amazing eyes for things. I’m with ellapinkette on kidnapping you for thrift waka. Just start the thrift shop fast and we may not kidnap you.


    • I had the longest lab day today, now I know someone actually pays attention to the songs I’d curate it better. I’d start soon please because with the way the economy is set up my dad might just sent me when you call for ransom lol.


  9. Osehyyy.. I really need to be moving with you o. I so agree on pricey doesn’t necessarily mean stylish. Who says u can’t look nice on a budget 😉


  10. oshey baddest!! thrift Queen, take your crown👑!!! your glasses are so lit!!! and your purses!!!!! honestly, can’t tear my eyes off them!! and your flatlays are looking awesome and a bit different!!! so can’t wait for the updated Editing post



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