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Today’s DIY has me very hyped and style happy and why is because just like all my DIYs I’ve never practiced it before the day except this one which I practiced in high school and it turned out just as amazing as I envisioned it but the best part is how I now own a super trendy piece at a very low cost. If you’re up to date with the fashion scenes you’d know that thigh high slit pants are totally in right now so that explains my excitement.

What You’d Need :

* A pair of straight wide legged pants (I opted for a high waisted pair when I went thrifting).

* A pair of sharp scissors.

* Iron.

* A sewing machine.

What You’d Need To Do :

* Finding the right pair of pants is the first step, I advise you get a straight legged one that’s wide to show the slit properly but not too wide at the same time to avoid looking funny. 

* Fold your pants like you’re about to make the finest iron lines ever on it and iron it.

* With your scissors cut along the getto on both legs of the pants.

* With your sewing machine (I actually had to hire the services of a tailor at a very low cost) take in the raw hems.

* And now you can show off those gorgeous legs of yours. 

This is my new favorite pants so be ready to see it in almost every outfit post and my Valentine’s Day lookbook where I’d be publishing on outfit a day Saturday through Monday. Do enjoy this amazing weekend that’s upon us.

          Till next time… Xoxo.

What’s your take on the thigh high slit trend? Would you rock this pants and where will you rock it to? Do leave me a comment below, thanks.



  1. U’ve turned to a diy queen 🙌 it looks really great on u, u know how to make everything look really gud 👍 I’m not a fan but i can always admire pple wearing it, u did a great job 😘


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