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If there is one thing I’m super thankful to blogging for is the fact that it has allowed me be open to trying out different skincare products (for content creation sake) and this has helped me to discover amazing skincare products ranging from ones that I’ve purchased myself or ones like this two in this post that was sent to me and today I’d be sharing with you why I love these two products and why you should get them too.


How to get rid of dark circles fast, get rid of dark circles in two weeksWhen the amazing people at Olay reached out to me I was blown away not because I was really into the new eyes collection they were sending to me but because a huge brand like Olay wanted to work with me. At that point I didn’t care what the product was, I just wanted to work with them (don’t judge me). On getting the products, I raved about starting a new skincare routine that would include the Olay eyes collection but fast forward two months later, I haven’t been able to stick to the damn skincare routine and I’ve only been able to use one out of 5 products I was sent by Olay religiously. In the past two months I’ve been getting lots of ‘your eye bags have reduced‘ remarks from people and this made me glad because I’ve had eye bags since childhood and finally a product is actually working for them. I think because this product has helped clear my dark circles, it’s giving the illusion of barely there eye bags which is great and very impressing. I know you’ve tried many eye creams, trust me I’ve been there too but this isn’t one of the many because it’s actually working for me and I strongly believe it will for you too.

Shop here.


Reduce large pores easily, how to tighten your pores easily, get smaller facial pores quick Like I mentioned here, I really didn’t like washing my face in the past, I’d rather just use a face wipe and that’s it for the night and we all know face wipes aren’t all that effective right? but since I found the AJALI Konjac sponge in my ALBIMAZING box that has become a thing of the past as I’m always looking for every opportunity now to wash my face. My favourite thing about this sponge is how is hardens and gets really small on drying and turns bigger and softer when dipped in water (call me a baby if you like). I personally use this sponge in it’s hard state to exfoliate my facial skin and just allow it soften while I use it. I have fairly great skin that’s why I don’t really use a lot of skin care products but I’ve been battling with large facial pores since adolescence but since I’ve been using this sponge, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the size of my pores and I’m highly pleased I doubt I’d ever stop using this. If you are about the buynigerian movement well great news as AJALI is a Nigerian brand and if you’re not, you still need to get this product, it’s excellent.

Shop sponge here.

Yeah I know this was a lengthy post but hey, love is hard to express in a few words so pardon me as absolute love is how I feel about these products. I’ve officially started my countdown till the end the month but I’ve still got a few more interesting post for you this month so do visit soon again.

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, all of the words written are mine and these products might not work for you like they did for me but they are definite worth a trial.

          Till next time… xoxo.

Word for the day : “Be great in little things” _ St Francis Xavier.

How have you tried to treat your dark circles? Which products/ methods have you tried? Have you tried the Konjac sponge? What was your Konjac experience like? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks. 



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