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Whoop whoop we made it to the third month this year *insert lady in red dancing emoji here*. There really isn’t anything I’m particularly happy about this month, I’m just glad for the gift of life. As the first day of the month fell on a Wednesday which is one of the days of the week when I publish a post on here I decided to fill you in on what I’m on about lately (as usual), so CURRENTLY I AM…

Wearing : Corsets over my blouse and loving it. I styled my corset as outerwear in this post and loved it so much I’m already looking for an opportunity to style it again as outerwear.

Admiring : Errrrrrr no one is coming to my mind at the moment but maybe during the course of the month someone will and I’d edit this post. Signed, Management.

Wishing : The foreign exchange rate will just drop so I can buy all the shoes I’ve been eyeing on Asos

Determined to : Wake up early from this day onwards. This feels like I’m deceiving myself but I’m willing to give it a try and be positive about it.

Craving : Bread from a bakery on awolowo road, Ikoyi. My friend bought it and I had a bite then another and another and now I still feel the taste on my taste buds and it’s making me want some more badly.

Excited to : Work with more brands and people this month. I’ve been getting lots of collaboration proposals and I’ve picked a few to work, I hope you’d like the content that I’d be bringing to this space featuring these people and brands.

Anticipating : My end of semester exams that’s coming up in a months time. Really hoping I’d still be able to remain consistent here because exam prep is on full blast mode for me.

Happy about : Viola Davis Oscar win!!!! It came just in time to end black history month and that just goes to show that though they might make you feel not up to the task because you’re female, black, short, too tall etc once you put your mind into whatever you’re doing with dedication you’re unstoppable. Cheers to winning an Emmy, a Tony and an Oscar Aunty Viola.

Appreciating : My friend Oreoluwa Aremo aka 90’s Media Chic. I’m a lone ranger a serious one, I like to be myself, do things for myself, talk to myself and so on, my only confidant was my mum but somethings happen that I don’t feel my mum can relate to and in times like that I’m glad I have Ore in my life. It’s so overwhelming how I’m one hell of a secretive person but I can tell her everything damn thing. Having a friend you can run to at anytime is amazing and she is such an inspiration, check out her blog and see for yourself.

Irritated by : How some people are so selfish, self centered and inconsiderate. I wanted plantain chips one night and I saw the vendor had no peppered one which is my preferred choice, she beckoned me to come back and said she had some. I bought two only for me to taste them and you already know, it was not peppered. Would it have killed her to just let me go buy from someone else and not let me waste my money?

Inspired by : Barack Obama yes BARACK OBAMA. After being such an amazing president to me (idc he was my president) leading in transparency and sincerity, he is now living a stress free wonderful life with the love of his life Michelle and glowing like never before. This just goes to show that whenever you’re placed in a position of authority use it well because one day you’d stop reigning and karma will come for you. If you do good, good things will follow you forever and if you used your position to oppress people then be prepared for the woe that will come for you.

Planning To : Get a protective style for my teeny weeny fro. I’ve realized that one key to noticeable hair growth is keeping your hair away in plaits and so on.

Loving : My new journal. Remember I planned to get one last month and I did just that, you see why planning is good. I got this cute yet inexpensive journal that has been very useful in planning my really long days and I’m glad I didn’t look back on getting it.

Regretting : Not buying one FILA jumper I spotted while thrifting immediately I saw it because by the time I returned for it someone had bought it. It’s been two months now and I still can’t stop thinking about it and how dope I’d look in it *sheds a tear*.

Unsure About : Whether I’m going to make it to any of the days of the Social Media Week Lagos. I really would love to be of attendance but this student life is just proving stubborn.

Reading : Inorganic Chemistry by J.D Lee. 

Listening To : Stormzy’s new album!!! The album makes me wish I were a little more vocal about how I feel maybe my life will be easier.

That’s it for now dear, can’t wait to share more blogposts with you as the month goes by and thank you for stopping by my blog this month yet again, do have a fulfilling new month.

           Till next time… xoxo.

How did the month of February go for you and how do you plan to make March an even better month? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks.


17 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM | MARCH’17

  1. I dont think you believe me, but recently I am practising one line ” Nothing will change until You change, You Must Change ” And I say I am getting good results.

    Still Habit is not developed, but I noticed few changes, I getting wake up early, In a week, I guess 3 or 4 day i get up early and go for walk.


  2. That wishing got me like 😩 and I’m secretive too back in school all my friends wanted to crucify me cause of it Lol but there’s always that on friend we get to share it with


  3. I have twa too . Just tucked it away in braids yesterday lol. I want to go for the Social Media Week tooo but still very unsure cause going to VI now hmmm anyway. I love your blog, thanks for sharing.


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