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Remember the brushes and lashes I showed you in this post and I promised to let you know if they are a must have or trash it? Well that’s what I’m here to do today, you can call this a young review as I’ve only just used the products a few times.


Like I mentioned earlier I’ve been craving new makeup brushes (not just for my face but they look great in flatlays) as I’ve somehow lost all the brushes in my Real Techniques core collection brush set and I felt like only a beauty blender wasn’t doing the job well.

The Powder brush :

 This is my favorite one, after applying my setting powder with a beauty blender it was usually quite tough to dust off the excess in a neat way with a good finish but with this brush my life just got easier. It feels good against my skin and o haven’t experienced any form of shedding.

The foundation brush :

 I use a stick foundation and felt it will be harder using a brush to blend it in. Yes I know what you’re thinking and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness as I’m not all that good at this makeup thing but now I know the truth. For the sake of this review I decided to give the brush a trial and it did an amazing job blending in my foundation. After using the SITPRETTY brush to blend my foundation in I went in with my beauty blender for an even more seamless look and it was perfect.

The blending brush

I’m one of those that doesn’t understand how eyeshadow works of how to apply it but since I got this brush I’ve found myself watching eyeshadow tutorials on YouTube because I feel like I’ve got the magic tool. It blends so well I fell like if I put tomatoes on my eye lid it will blend it smoothly too.

General ratings : I haven’t tried a lot of other brushes but these are pretty amazing. I love that they are black and white which matches my minimal aesthetics, they do the job they are made for and if you are a buy Nigerian to grow the naira Stan, then this brand should be your pick. 

Cons : I kinda expected the brushes to be way softer than they are especially the eyeshadow blending brush.


Lashes are the icing on the cake after you’ve finished baking your face to perfection and that has been missing in my case so I’m absolutely hyped about these lashes. The lashes are really a 100% human hair so they are totally of great value for your money. Of the three lashes I received, lash Dami is my absolute fav. Lash Dami is great if you want something minimal and still a beginner in the act of wearing false lashes.

Here are photographs of the other two SITPRETTY lashes :

I’m absolutely impressed with the SITPRETTY cosmetics brand for these products, so nice to see Nigerian brands that are trying hard to make everything we need readily available to us here in Nigeria instead of waiting months for your Sephora order to get to you and they are not just doing that but also making really good quality up to standard products.  Hope your week has been going on greatly? Do continue to enjoy.

              Till next time…xoxo.

Word of the day : “education isn’t the same as intelligence” _ Robert Kiryosarki.

Which would you rather use in applying your makeup, beauty blenders or brushes? Do you have any tip(s) on how to wear false lashes? Please do share by leaving a comment below, thanks.



  1. Good to hear that these are made in Nigeria products. We are getting there! i think i have worn false lashes only 4 times.The last time was for my wedding but i took them off before leaving the house that morning…lol. I can not do it my self either and I can’t be bothered! My eyes is always itching


  2. Mehhhhn, I hadn’t done a full face make up in so long until last weekend when I got my self all prettied (yes I invented that sappy word) up for the carnival and I got reminded by my brushes that they needed some washing.
    I got their cute silicon pad that washed them brushes really well and it’s cheap too. Yay for the cheapskate life abi?
    Your pictures are so beautiful by the way!
    I’m a huge fan of made in Nigeria producta and I think it would be incredibly amazing to have Nigerian brands all over the world.


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