Currently listening to Frank Ocean – Pink Matters.If you’ve read this post, you’d know why going to Ibadan was super exciting for me. I’ve been wanting to travel, experience new places and sometime ago, one of my friends once told me to start with places around me, so when I got a call from work (yeah asides being a student I’m sorta a social media consultant/manager/stylist) that we were going on a field trip to famous ancient Mapo Hall in Ibadan I was super excited like yes finally, A ROADTRIP!!!! 

We left Lagos at around 10:30am and got to our destination at around 12:36pm. On getting out of the car while work was going on I got to snapping photos upon photos because I can’t be in building over 300 years old and not document it.I loved everything about the hall most especially the interior, how the blue roofing reflects a blue shade over the entire hall and also how the windows appear golden, it was indeed a sight to behold.

After shooting at the hall at about 2:47pm the photographer suggested we do some street style shots so we had to leave the Mapo Hall to the some street just around the hall. I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted as dark clouds filled the sky which I guessed is as a result of our location as we were on at the top of a hill.

We finally concluded with the photo sessions as one of the drivers over heard some boys making plans to come collect ‘owo ile‘ (money for using the street) from us and enroute back to Lagos we were but ofcourse we couldn’t leave without filling our bellies with the meal Ibadan is famous for which is Amala

We finally left Ibadan at around 4:30pm and got back to the office at around 7pm. I had such an amazing day and I absolutely can’t wait to go on another road trip so bad I’d probably spend my weekend planning another. Do have an amazing weekend and take a trip if you can, there is so much life has to offer!

Word For The Day : ‘Travel, it leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller’.

Have you ever been to Ibadan? Where have you journeyed to lately? Do share your experience with me by leaving a comment below, thanks 


28 thoughts on “PHOTO DIARY | 4HOURS IN IBADAN 

  1. I have actually been to Ibadan several times for OWAMBE but never had the time to go and check out the historical wonders of the city, but you have totally motivated me with your trip to plan trips and if its for OWAMBE make time check out the area.


  2. The pictures are beautiful!! I still can’t believe that beautiful architecture structure is in Nigeria,Ibadan for that matter. Wow!! Thank God for blogging o. Can’t wait to read another adventure story.


  3. The food looks so good!! Nigeria is definitely on my top 3 countries to visit list. I’ll love to experience everything from the food, people, art, entertainment. Awesome pictures!


  4. Yaaaasssss to IB City. I’m glad you were able to document in and out. I heard they charge money to take pictures of such buildings, I suppose sine it was work related you go that settled. I’ll be in Ibadan too next week, I hope I get to explore and have as much fun as you did.

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  5. Hi ifeoma, this is a beautiful post. I was supposed to go with my friends to Abeokuta by train this weekend but i bailed last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. It is really important to move out of our space and experience new stuff. I will be visiting this place hopefully, i hope you had a great time.



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