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Yasssssssssssss we made it to the fifth month of 2017 and I tell you it’s being an amazing year so far. I almost did not want to publish this post today because the pictures were taken under harsh sunlight which resulted in a bad lighting situation but I still liked a few of them and I decided why not share the photos alongside something interesting I’ve learnt so that way it’s not necessarily an outfit post *talk about cheat code*

What I’m Wearing : 

Top : Asos (thrifted)

Skirt : Fashpa 

Shoe : Ameliacouture

Social media has helped me connect with a whole lot of people from all over the world (IG : Thesvnflwr / Twitter : Shefvreign_) and it’s quite alarming how depression has become the order of the day amongst young people of this generation. In today’s post I’d be sharing with you 3 practical ways to stay clear off the path of depression from the little I’ve learnt, so here we go :

Strip Yourself Off Self Entitlement :

You are nice to a person doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be nice to you too, you lent someone a helping hand doesn’t mean you’re entitled to getting help from them, you are the first son or daughter in your family doesn’t entitle you to being the smartest or being the first to graduate uni etc. If you’re going to be nice to people, do it because it’s the right thing to do not what you hope to get in return, that way if they disappoint you and your favor is not reciprocated you won’t get angry or sad and think yourself into being depressed.

Be Content : 

This is MAJOR KEY, being content doesn’t mean you’re not aiming for better outta life, it’s simply being joyfully satisfied with your current situation while you work towards being a better you. In the Bible, Paul said ‘I’ve learnt how to be Abound and Abased’ and that’s something we all should emulate. In times of plenty you should know how to be merry and when things aren’t rosy, you should still know how to manage and do all these with a joyful state of mind, that way thoughts like ‘we graduated uni together, look he now has a car’ or ‘we had a big chop together, but my own growth is stunted just like my life’ etc won’t creep into your mind and cause you to be depressed.

Detoxification :

I’ve heard people say they like listening to some kinda music because it makes them sad and I’m just there looking like why do you want to cause yourself to be sad? If there is a thought that you’ve noticed constantly makes you sad, pray and ask for help to stop thinking such, or particular songs, pictures or even people, stay away from them and rather replace those songs with happy music, wear happy clothes, be around people that affect your life and thoughts positively, it’s very important in life to find your happy. Sometimes we unconsciously fall into a dark phase because we are only human, that is why you need to check yourself constantly. You’ve been feeling sad or angry lately more than you used to? then do the check, search your heart and figure what is causing it and do your best to stay clear of it.

Bonus Tip : Stay busy. When your mind is occupied and busy, it will be difficult for depressing thoughts to creep in, so get yourself a hobby, use your extra time positively, go out, meet new people and see new places etc.

If you’d need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to do so because you’ve really got only one life which you’re expected to live to the fullest so you shouldn’t give any room to depression to steal your joy from you. I absolutely suck at expressing matters of the heart such as this but I really hope I’ve being able to pass across my message well. On this note, I’m wishing you have a joyful, exploit filled month of May.

Word For The Day : “Hakuna Matata”_ Timon and Pumba (Lion King).

Were these tips helpful? Do you have any other tip to add to these? Do leave them in the comment section below, thank you.



  1. I totally agree with all you points. Live is full of up and down but because we are grown we tend to hold too much in our mind. One thing that’s as helped me lately is to try and cultivate a mind of a baby/child.


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