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Everyday I’m glad my father decided to name me Ifeoma. Ifeoma is an Ibo name that means ‘GOOD THINGS‘ and my life has been nothing but good since I understood that my name goes way beyond just being a name. I’ve come to understand that what you call yourself plays a major role in how your life turns out, several times you’ve been asked to proclaim good things over your life and you might find that those things came to pass and that’s because there is power in the tongue. 

Since I got to this level of understanding, I’m hardly ever scared or worried about the future as I believe anything that isn’t good isn’t ever going to be my portion so when opportunity came for a collaboration with jewelry brand Zivanora, you bet I had to pick the monogrammed necklace with the first letter of my name to wear as a constant reminder of all the good things God has in store for me.

I loved everything about the packaging of this product so much that I was screaming at every step of unboxing my necklace and oh, the necklace, all I can say is that’s yet another good thing that’s happened in my life, it’s so pretty and gold just how I love it.

After wearing for a couple of days, the necklace started to look dull and that gave me a major concern and then I remembered I found a polishing cloth in the box and decided to try polish it to if it works and it was another screaming session as the necklace went back to looking brand new!!!

I’ve been wearing this necklace nonstop and I’m absolutely loving it especially when people ask what the ‘I’ on the pendant represents and I say ‘IFEOMA‘. Even when it came to picking out names for my social media pages, I made sure to pick names that have very positive meanings like how my Instagram name ‘Thesvnflwr‘ (the sunflower) is a flower that even in darkness finds light.

Shop necklace here : Zivanora Essence Custom Disc Pendant Necklace 

On this note, I’d love to encourage you to always call yourself things with very positive meanings so when it begins to manifest in your life you’d enjoy every bit of it. Do have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Ps : If you haven’t gotten your mum something for Mother’s Day, this is an absolutely awesome gift idea and ofcourse very affordable.

What’s your name and what does it mean? Do share with me, I’m curiously looking forward to your replies. 

25 thoughts on “CALL ME GOLD

  1. Well, this is an interesting post considering my first name (Cecilia) means blindness ahahaha I’ve always hated it because I’m always like “why nau? Why would someone go and call me blindness? What am I blind to? What is it that I am not seeing?” The day I googled the meaning was such a conflicting day, and I find myself wondering how it applies in my life. I need to work on positive talks about myself, because like you said there is power in the tongue (maybe my name means blind to my own potential, who knows lol). I read a tweet from a lady about how she was going to be in the olympics in 4 years or so, and then 4 years later she actually was! One can never get enough of positivity.
    Love the necklace, I adore simple small gold necklaces like that! You wrote so well and incorporated wise words into this!


    • Oh wow, nice to know what Cecilia means. Have you ever thought it means blind to evil things, blind to negativity, blind to things that do not glorify God, blind to anything that doesn’t make you happy, blind to not achieving your goals and dreams because girl I wanna be blind to all these things.

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      • That’s quite the perspective you have there actually, I never saw it like that because I’m not exactly blind to those things. In reality, I’m so fearful and anxious about most things that I seriously need an injection of positivity into my life. Your perspective is a bright one, and so perhaps I’ll try and see things that way, incorporating them into my life.


  2. My name Temiloluwa, means God is mine… And your name means everything…. Who doesn’t want something good,kudos to your parents though…. Btw, keep writing…. I’m going with the flow. Welldone.


    • Hey Daniella! You have such a beautiful name! Well, a judge is one who gives an authoritative opinion so what is God’s authoritative opinion about you? There are so many many powerful & loving opinions He has about you… Just imagine, every day you wake up, you get to choose which of His opinions you want to walk in and relish in that day! That is super amazing! Is it His unending love for you? Or how He sees you blameless? Or how He thinks you are royalty? Or you are called & created for marvelous things? There is so much beauty & power In your name & I love it!



  3. I love the way your caption makes me want to read your post, it really amazing well done girl. Well my name is Oizamisi meaning I desire good things only.


  4. Pretty Lady!! My name is ‘Golibe’ and it means ‘Rejoice’.I casually added ‘Som’ recently which means “follow me”,so in other words the meaning of my name is “Follow me and rejoice”. I love this post.

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  5. Well the common one is Ijeoma and it means safe journey and just recently I’ve come to accept the name and apply it to the decisions I make and there’s this assurance that whatever plan I make it’s gonna be a successful one.


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