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I really love to take pictures, I never get tired of taking photos of myself but since I can’t take full body pictures myself to express myself in form of my style and I think by now people will have had it with me snapping my face, I decided to take my love for taking pictures and pour it into taking flatlays. Flatlays are a tool I use personally to get creative, express what beauty is to me through the things around me and in today’s post I’d be sharing my top five tips on how I get an the perfect flatlay.

LIGHTNING : I don’t have ring lights and a well lighted house so I take my flatlays outside. If the lighting isn’t perfect, like when it’s cloudy or the sunlight is harsh and casting shadows, please do not forge ahead! I repeat do not forge ahead!! Also using the flash light of your phone is a sin so brethren stay away from it. 

BACKGROUND : We all somehow have an Instagram theme, twitter theme, Facebook theme etc so when taking your flatlays, it’s important to be sure the background you’re using suits your theme. My theme is white as you may already know, so when taking flatlays I use a white background. I always make sure to use a very clean white background because that way I get a nice looking photo and wouldn’t have to do so much editing the picture.

TIME FACTOR : This is really important because as much as taking flatlays are easy peasy, you do not want to take them in a rush as that might leave you with pictures with a lot of things out of place. So if you’re not going to have time to pay proper attention to details, making sure everything thing is placed just how you want it while capturing each shot then just let it go and try again next time.

COMPOSITION : This is another reason you need to take your time as trying out different compositions or arrangements and even angles (the bird eye view isn’t always the best) will help you get the most aesthetic flatlays. Below are three different compositions I tried (my fav is at the end of the post) :

PERSONALIZE IT : If you follow me on Instagram (TheSvnflwr), you’d notice that I hardly have a flatlay without a magazine page featured in it, that’s because that’s my way of adding a personal touch to the photos. I follow someone else who always has a pair of shoes in hers, for others it’s a cute cup of coffee. So figure out what you like and what works for you and use it to add that personal touch to your photos. 

Bonus tip : Be sure that you love the photo you’ve taken, from the composition to the lighting and how the details appear before you stop snapping because editing a flawed photo doesn’t really make it any better. 

Before editing (like the other photos in this post)

Instagram worthy (After editing)

I’m not a pro or a photography expert and you can absolutely still take pictures of your things indoors but I’m hoping I was able to pass my message across well enough, I’d be super glad if you find this post any helpful. If you’d also want to learn how I edit my photos, you can check here and here. Thank you so much for stopping by, do enjoy the rest of your day.
Word For The Day : Anything worth doing is worth doing well. 

Do you have any other tip on taking awesome flatlays? Do share with me by leaving a comment below and I’d also love to know if this post was useful to you. 


  1. This is so helpful! Ii stalk you on all social media platforms and your flatlay styles have to be one of my favourites! These are gorgeous pieces, like editorial level.


  2. Was really itching to you doing a post about this topic, Do u use your phone and how do you achieve the white theme for the flat lay, Really Interesting post and well done

    Liked by 1 person

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