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Yaaaaaay it’s finally a DIY post after a long ass time!!!! I’ve really missed the joy of making trendy things for less for myself but I’m glad I finally had time (I’ve been hella busy) to make the ZARA IT girl must have pearly summer slides and I’m sharing this here so you can make yours too, that way we’d all look super fly this summer’17.

What You’d Need :

* Three straps slides (I got this pair made outta rubber at Yaba market, Lagos which was an awesome buy as it’s been raining in Lagos lately)

* Pearls (as many as you can find and this can be found at any tailoring supply store)

* Glue

* A picker (optional as I didn’t use this but I think if I did, I’d have had a neater work)

What You Need To Do :

* Decide on a pattern (I got pearls in different sizes so I can replicate the Zara pattern).

* With your glue, carefully attach the pearls onto the straps of your slides until all the straps are covered in pearls.


* Leave to dry for 24 hours or more, so the pearls are stuck properly and don’t fall off when you wear it (mine is still drying as I made it last night).

* ViolΓ  your IT girl slides are reading to hit the road!!!

Sticking the pearls on the surface of rubber wasn’t an easy task at all but I’m glad I was able to pull it off. If you’re going to do this too, I’d strongly advise you get leather or suede slides as the pearls would stick easier on those and you’d be saving more time than I did. I hope you like this diy as much as I do? Definitely something to try your hands on this weekend!!

Totally Unrelated : Your girl got her first magazine feature released yesterday, click here to read what I had to say!!!

Word For The Day : “Creating is a great form of escape, make something today”

What do you think of this diy? Will you try this diy? Do let me know your thoughts about this diy in the comment section below, thanks. 


  1. I normally run away from diys but I feel I need to make me some pearly slides. Congrats on your magazine feature,I already read it as soon as I saw it on your Twitter!


  2. I’m soo proud of this, you make me want to be more creative which I keep pushing BTW and making up excuses. Keep doing what you do Ifeoma xx


  3. this is so lovely!! I saw this on your insta story and couldn’t wait for it on the blog!.p.s if one doesn’t use super glue then what type of glue then?


    • Thank you so much Kehinde. In the photo of the things needed for this diy you’d see a yellow pack with UHU written on it, that’s the glue I used or you can use evostic


  4. The slides are lovely and although you found it hard applying the bead, I think it’s a genius idea to use rubber because of the rain… Ah mean this is fancy and classy on a zero budget. πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
    Congrats on your magazine feature, the best is yet to come.

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