Been over two months since I updated you all on what’s going on with me and I thought it will be nice to do some catching up as I’ve got a lot to say, so let’s get right into it. Currently I Am…

Wearing : Lots of stripes. I can’t get enough of it tbh, it’s very effortlessly and easy to wear especially since I’ve been super busy lately, wearing a striped shirt over a pair of jeans just makes me appear stylish and well put together when what happened was really me waking up late for a meeting without planning my outfit the night before.

Admiring : All the people that graduated in the class of 2017. Tbh I really can’t wait till it’s graduation time for me and I’m hoping and praying God keeps me till that day. Class of 2018, we outchea!!

Wishing : It didn’t rain all day today. Had a couple of things to do but couldn’t because… wait!! am I the only one that just wants to sleep all day when it rains?

Determined to : Make a daily schedule because I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed by all I have on my plate, so I’m hoping this will help me manage the 24hrs I get each day properly and productively.

Craving : A pixie HAIRCUT!!! Don’t be surprised if you see me tomorrow with my hair relaxed and chopped.

Pixie cut, short hairstyle, 2017 hair trends


Excited to : Be attending the HenriUduku launch tomorrow!! For more details visit their IG page : @HenriUduku

Anticipating : The olowogbogboro live worship and prayer session holding at 12midnight which is a few mins away. If you want to be a part of it, tune in to @Nathanielblow on Instagram at 12midnight for the time of your life.

Happy about : My trip to Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria yesterday. It was such a short trip but I’m happy I went and got back safely plus I had fun. I took a couple of photos and I just might share my experience with you in a blog post.

Appreciating : All the sweet lemons life is throwing at me at this moment.

Irritated by : People that feel entitled to your time. *nuff said*

Inspired by : The good things hard work is bringing my way. Right now I just want to keep working even harder so I can live the life I daydream of because I’ve seen that hard work pays.

Planning to : Get that haircut I’m craving!!

Loving : My new and first ever eyeshadow palette. Unbelievable right? Well I’ve never really liked eyeshadows till yellow and orange eyeshadow combination became a thing. Right now, I just want to learn proper application and slay from now onwards.

PS : Leave a comment below with the name of your favorite youtubers, thanks.

Perfect eyeshadow palette, summer eyeshadow look, affordable eyeshadow palette

Regretting : No regrets here, only lessons learnt.

Unsure about : How I’m going to style my lovely denim wrap skirt from fashion brand HUE. You can check out their Instagram page to see what it looks like @Hue.gram, I got the ‘Rih Skirt‘.

Reading : Nothing new asides my school books.

Listening to : Mojeed. Totally loving this young Nigerian musician and the entire songs on his album. My favorite song is ‘Nigerian Time‘.

There you have it, a short summary of everything that’s happening in my life right now. Feel free to share with me what’s going on with you by leaving a comment below.

Word For The Day : Make hay while the sunshines. 

What have you been up to lately? Any new lessons learnt? Do share with me by leaving a comment below, thanks. 

12 thoughts on “CURRENTLY I AM | JUNE’17

  1. Hey, Ify🙋 I’ve been so out of it recently on my blog but this post gave me a little tick and I really want to put in more effort on my blog.. I haven’t been there in ages and I miss it.
    This post is so beautiful, im happy for you and the amazing things you’re doing…God keep blessing you Amen🙌🙌


  2. All the best in all your plans and keep staying strong. OIowogbogboro Is a movement and we are taking over. Youtuber you should watch especially for playing with colors beautifully is definitely Dimma Umeh.
    I am definitely learning to adjust when my plans do not go as desired. I am only human after all


  3. Yeah!!! I’m so anticipating the hallelujah challenge I even sleep early so that I can wake up strong and agile for it. God is raising internet army and we shouldn’t be left out. Please join the challenge if you haven’t because Giving an is surely gonna do something big for us all after this.


  4. hey girl! been a minute I was here. aww you are graduating soon. and I’m just starting uni lol. YouTubers you should check – I’m guessing Beauty Youtubers here) Dimmah Umeh, The Beauty Boy, Makeupbyshayla, MacDaddy etc


  5. Thumbs up on this post,it’s amazing. Watch Ronke raji(the queen ) or Toni olaoye’s YouTube channel ,they’ve helped me a lot.


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