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Reduce facial pores immediately, how to get rid of facial pores, right skincare products for oily skinGuess who finally has a skincare routine and is sticking to it? Meeee!I’ve been trying to get a hang of this skincare  thing for a while now especially because of my oily facial skin and large facial pores but I kept being inconsistent at it because I wasn’t seeing any visible results until I recently when I stumbled on a skincare tip on twitter that has turned my life around and you guessed right, this post is where I share the amazing skincare tip for minimizing pores that actually works!!!!

Vogue, vogue.com, vogue beauty, queen helene Months ago, I used to exfoliate my face first before cleansing but that is so WRONG!!!! I’ve been using the Queen Helene oatmeal and honey scrub for a while now and everyone kept telling me how great a product it is but I wasn’t seeing any difference in my skin and that was simply because I wasn’t using it the right way. The correct order to follow while going about your skincare routine is to CLEANSE FIRST then EXFOLIATE AFTERWARDS. Just two days after I started doing this I noticed a huge decrease in the size of my facial pores and it’s been almost two weeks now and my face is so smooth, soft with barely visible facial pores.

To cleanse my face, I use the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Cleanser, I wouldn’t say this has helped in anyway to reduce the oiliness of my facial skin but my face is definitely clearer and I absolutely love how it feels on my skin. I also read that gel cleansers are perfect for oily skin and this is a gel cleanser.

Clean&clear cleanser, best cleanser for oily skinCost : 1,500naira (price might vary depending on the store)

To exfoliate, I’ve been using the Queen Helene oatmeal & honey natural scrub and it’s a no going back for me. I’m definitely going to restock this once this tube is finished and even get other products from this brand. Feels easy on the skin but still gets its exfoliating job done as I’ve noticed the blemish on my cheekbone (my faux contour) have brightened up so much it’s barely noticeable anymore. 

Best facial scrub for oily skin, how to exfoliate, the right skincare routine for oily skin, how to cleanse your skin, queen Helene products in Lagos Cost : 1,800naira (Price might vary depending on the store).

I recently just got a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar from the mall to tone with, I haven’t started using this yet because I’m still reading on it (READING ON EVERYTHING IS MAJOR KEY).

Cost : 1,000naira (Price might vary depending on the store).

To moisturize I use both shea butter or coconut oil depending on my mood and I other days I just use my regular body moisturizer.

IMPORTANT TIP : Never apply your skincare products directly on dry skin, be sure to always wet skin first!!

I love how inexpensive these products are and how I can see visible results now, I’ve learnt that it’s not really about using the most popular or expensive products but using what you have effectively. Who would have thought that the solution to my almost life long large facial pores problem was just a matter of re-ordering the steps in which I use the products I already own. I hope you find this post helpful and get good results like me too, do enjoy the rest of your week!!!

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, all the words in this post are entirely mine and my opinion about these products. The way these products worked for me might not be how they work for you but this is definitely worth giving a trial.

What steps are in your skincare routine? What are your favorite skincare products? Do share with me by leaving a comment below and I’d love to know if this post was any helpful too, thanks!

36 thoughts on “PORES MINIMIZED IN 48HOURS

  1. I’m trying to be more of a lady and skincare is an important part of it. Not so good at being consistent with a skincare routine but i’d be trying this. After all if i can’t be steady with daily makeup, I might as well find my natural glow. Thank you Ifeoma


  2. Queen Helen oatmeal scrub is amazing, my mom introduced me to it, and am loving it. My face is smoother but I wish I could get rid of my acne spots… any recommendations?
    For the ACV, I think the one with mother is better on the skin, because it’s raw and you will still have to dilute it with water in the ratio 3:1 (water -3). But if this works for you, please update.
    Interesting post dear!


    • For acne spots I think if you leave it and just go about your normal skin care routine it will fade away. Yet to get consistent with the acv but I will sure do an updated post when I do


  3. I like that you mentioned the fact that how the products works on one person may not be how they work on another. But for the price these products sells for, they are worth giving a try.
    I don’t have a skin care routine I stick with. All I do is wash my face with water and Extract Papaya and Calamansi soap and occasionally moisturise with my body cream and my face looks spotless. Great post dear, keep it up!!



  4. Ayyyy, post came right on time, the pores just below my eye bags are annoying, I’ll try and get these and see how it works, please update when you start using acv, used it a while back but I was inconsistent.

    Love reading your blog as usual.


  5. Thanks for this post…my skin too is oily and I have pimples like Lil rash..just started using Eden facial scrub n coconut oil…pls I need more tips to add to my skin care routine.


    • Hey Phebe, less is more!!
      Just be sure to use what you effectively, follow the directions to the teeth so the products can work for you. I’d definitely share more tips I learn


  6. I recently got acv but it’s the parade brand kind, I didn’t know I was doing it wrong with my skin care routine 😩, when you use acv eventually tell us what you think about it xxx.


  7. Yes the face wash is super amazing, I’m currently using the tangerine extract. ACV works well but I heard Bragg’s ACV is the one that is good for skin and I’m going to try the face scrub. Thanks for the post dear


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