Oversized Denim Jacket

Denim & Skirts

Denim & Skirts

Dress up your dress Denim style

Dress up your dress Denim style

Out and about Denim style

Out and about Denim style

Stay chic and classy in Denim style

Stay chic and classy in Denim style

Stay Styletagged with a detailed Denim Jacket

Stay Styletagged with a detailed Denim Jacket

I see the moon and the moon sees me…
As for the sun its being indescisive 😦

Hey buddies,
Cheers to the summer time and I hope y’all are enjoing it. Judging from the weather here in Lagos, Nigeria… one wouldn’t think its summer because it rains almost everyday. Its really painful because I know some people have done the whole spring/rainy season cleaning of their wardrobes and filled it with summer clothes and now they can’t wear them.

Well, here is the trick……..Denim Jackets and my personal favourite is the Oversized denim jackets. I like it because it is quite easy to style, keeps you warm but still enough space air for your comfort, to prevent you from heating up too much.

It comes in different shades of denim blue like acid wash, normal denim blue, and dark blue. You can pair it with a skirt (I personally like this style because I’m a skirt lover). You can throw over a dress, for that feminine yet tough look. You can also pair it with denim trousers, and black pants or tights for a more sophisticated look.
You’d be sure to get your best deals in a vintage store or thrift shop, for your cheap yet classy oversized denim.

Don’t : wear it too oversized!! Because its called ‘oversized‘ doesn’t mean you should look like you raided big momma’s wardrobe. Get an oversized denim jacket that is still flattering to your figure.

Do: dress up pretty nice before throwing on your jacket, just incase the sun comes out and you take off your jacket you’d still look very stylish.

Let’s have a look at the way some of our celebrities style their oversized denim jackets:

Rita Ora 'denim doubled'

Rita Ora ‘denim doubled’

Cara Delevingne 'grunge'

Cara Delevingne ‘grunge’

Miranda Kerr 'femine touch'

Miranda Kerr ‘femine touch’

Rihanna 'tomboy swag'

Rihanna ‘tomboy swag’

So what do you think about the style? Which Celeb do you think rocked it best? Leave a coment and let me know 😀 ciao :*

♥With love… Ifeoma♥

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