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I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking (haha I know you sang that, I did too!!) about how since more people around me like my course mates in uni for example have figured I’m a ‘fashion blogger‘, I’ve been finding myself putting in extra effort to dress up to class and to be honestly honest that’s not my thing.

Thinking about this has made me realize that although I’ve trained myself to always DO ME without paying attention to what others are doing or buzzing about, it’s still very okay to want to impress people or even find yourself caring about what they’d think/say because we’re only human but the problem arises when you lose yourself and your identity just so you can live up to the standard the society sets for you.

I love to always dress comfortably, shift dresses, mom jeans and tees etc, a flat pair of slippers or sandals (mostly slippers) are what you’d catch me in on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean I’m not a good blogger or I’m not fashionable and if anybody has a problem with not seeing me wear 4 inches heels everywhere or with my face beat then I’d let it be entirely their problem. 

So if you’re under any pressure because of what people will say or think, it’s time to detoxify yourself of such thoughts like I’ve done and live for yourself because in the end you’d only answer to God. Do what is good for you at all times and most importantly what’s right for you. Okay enough of the motivational talk, I really just wanted to show my these beautiful pictures my friend took of me wearing a cute dress from AdireNation (don’t judge me). I hope you learnt something and enjoyed looking at the photos? Do have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Word For Today : ‘Believing in yourself is the major key to success’ _ Charles Charplin 

Have you ever found yourself trying to impress others and doing things you really didn’t like? How did you overcome that? Do share lets learn from you by leaving a comment below, thanks.