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Today’s DIY post is really quick, easy and its features denim again. It’s becoming a usual yeah? Well that’s because denim is one fabric I love and it turgid enough to be deconstructed and reconstructed. In today’s post I’d be showing you how to make your own pair of the trendy ‘Kick Flare‘ Jeans.
What You’d Need

A pair of wide leg jeans 

A pair of sharp scissors 

What You’d Need To Do :

* Finding the right pair of jeans is the most important thing. I opted for the awkwardly flare jeans I Thrifted a while ago thinking it would look really flare but it was just in between straight and wide legged. I suggest you opt for wide legged jeans, the wider the flarer.

* Wear your jeans, fold right above your ankle and make a mark.

* Take your jeans off and cut a straight line along the mark you’ve made.

* Repeat the same for the second leg of your jeans 

* And voila your kick flare jeans is ready to hit the road.

* You can throw it in the washing machine for the frayed hem effect.

My favorite thing about DIYs is how they enable you have trendy stuff you want without necessarily spending a dime. Since buying this jeans I’ve only worn it once but now you already know I’d be wearing it often. 
          Till Next Time… xoxo. 

PS : What do you think of my new theme? 

What your favorite thing about DIYS and how will you style this denim jeans style? Do leave a comment, thanks.

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