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It’s just the third day in July so I think it’s still safe to wish you a very happy new month and can you guess whose birthday it is in 15days? I’m super excited about the second half of this year but first, can we take a moment to pray my mum doesn’t see this post as she’d have my head for wearing my shoe the way I did in this post.

What I’m Wearing :

Tshirt Dress : Thrifted

Shoe : Thrifted

Bag : Laura Baigotti (Thrifted)

Glasses : Street Vendor 

Growing up I used to be really athletic, represented both my primary and secondary schools in track events, my favorite track event being the 4×1 relay race but as I got into senior secondary school, I stopped participating in track events and now I can’t even run up the stairs to save my life, so that’s why I really love this dress as it’s the closest to being sporty I’ve come in a long time.

Thinking about it now, if I kept practicing and training in track events I’d have being the female Usain Bolt but now we’d never know if this was possible because due to lack of practice I’ve killed that potential in me. This also applies to every aspect of life because without practice, you’d never know perfection. So today I urge everyone including myself to spend more time practicing that thing you want to get perfect at. That blogger didn’t just start curating a good feed out of the blue, that student that tops the class doesn’t just pass exams neither does that entrepreneur record more sales than you do just because people like him more, all these things happen because they have devoted time to practice and improve on their skill.

Absolutely glad the year doesn’t end in six months because now we’ve got six extra months to practice better, develop ourselves and our skills so we can be the best at what we do and add even more value to the world. Do have an amazing new week this new month.

Word For The Day : ‘No matter how many times you fail at it, keep trying’

When is your own birthday? Do you believe practice really makes perfect? What skill do you want to improve on? Do leave me a reply, thanks.

39 thoughts on “SPORTY CHIC

  1. Hello, I’m new to your blog and enjoyed reading your post and the outfit! You’ve got a new follower please check out my blog as well.
    Be Well


  2. Love the dress paired with the glasses. Definitely feeling the sporty chic vibe. My birthday is December 24 and I totally believe practice makes perfect. I’m working on being a better writer and perfecting my aesthetic. Rome wasn’t built in a day and everyday is a learning process.

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  3. Hey Ifeoma! I do believe practice makes perfect. Whatever we give our time too, will surely grow, if we remain consistent. I totally adore this look, very sporty chic 🙂

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