Currently listening to Wizkid | Sexy. A very happy new week lovely!!! Back in high school, August used to be my favorite month but right now I’m not really excited about it as I’m in uni and I start exams in 3weeks. On this note, I decided to end this month on the blog with this very casual look and I hope you enjoy it… and there is an announcement at the end of the post.

What I’m Wearing : 

Top ~ HM (thrifted)

Jeans ~ Topshop (thrifted)

Slippers ~ Pull & Bear

Bag ~ Thrifted

Glasses ~ Street Vendor

This look isn’t normally anything you’d see on a fashion blog as I’m not dressed up to the teeth like most people expect from fashion bloggers but I really just wanted to share pictures from this day with you and also to show you the kind of outfit you’d catch me in outside the blogosphere. Don’t get it twisted though everything I wear on here is totally what I’d wear anywhere depending on the occasion but most times they are well thought out outfits but this is different because it wasn’t at all, I basically just threw on pieces in my closet and out the door I went like every normal girl.

I’m a huge fan of oversized everything (minus shoes ofcourse), so this thrifted H&M top is a wardrobe favorite. My main styling tip most times when it comes to styling oversized pieces is to make sure everything else in the look is my perfect fit so my small figure isn’t overwhelmed in the clothes. These photos were taken on one of my favorite days from last month so I’m tapping into that energy and hoping August goes even better. Do have an amazing new month in advance. 

ANNOUNCEMENT : Due to the sunshine right now in Lagos, this announcement has been postponed indefinitely, do bear with me.

Do you think fashion bloggers should be dressed up at all times? What would you rather wear, loose fit or tight fit? Do leave me a reply sharing your thoughts by leaving a comment below, thanks.

21 thoughts on “AN OVERSIZED FIT

  1. Oversized is my favorite, but since I’m petite it’s difficult to make it work sometimes. I’m personally obsessed with men’s undershirt white tees—the best.

    I like your comment about not being dressed waaaaaay up. I also don’t think it’s always necessary. I get being a brand and an ambassador for style, but seeing realness and casual looks is nice to me.


  2. Lol I love oversized clothes too , only cuz I’m so small and I think it’s cute..I haven’t figured out a way to pose for pictures or all that, it’s why most times I take selfies and never upload ‘dress to the teeth’ photos..hopefully I find a way
    Also originality is important..well dressed or not your readers will still love you for you 💜


  3. We cannot all be dressed up all the time I feel we should have some laid back days, days we ditch the heels and wear slippers. I love those Kurt cobain glasses. I wore the white one in my latest style post, you could check it out here I’m waiting for your comments


  4. I’m still waiting for the announcement ooo 😐 😀 I’m with you on oversized clothing and dressing how you please. Can’t be living by people’s standards biko! I always tell people not to expect an Agbani off the blog or gram sometimes I dress like a homeless somebody and I ain’t sorry.


  5. No way, it’s not by force to be dressed up at all times. I’m sure not all make up gurus on YT beat the face EVERYDAY! People shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations oh, internet and reality can be two very different things.


  6. I like loose and figure fitting clothing. I think a fashion blogger should be dressed how ever they want, it is not so relatable when bloggers and Youtubers are constantly dressed to the nines… but I’m all about what makes people happy! I love this shirt! xo


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