Monday blues yet again but this time, they are happy blues because guess whose birthday it is 13hours? MeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeI’m usually never ever excited about my birthday but this have taken a turn this year and I’m sharing why in today’s post.

What I’m Wearing :

Top – Zara (thrifted)

Dress – Thrifted (Gingham cami dress worn as skirt)

Purse – Thrifted

Glasses – Mango

Birthdays are usually days to reflect on your life, at least that’s what I do, but this year unlike the previous years, I’ve found myself thinking of all the things I’ve accomplished instead of thinking of the things I’m yet to accomplish like I used to do before. Right now I’ve opened my eyes, straightened my furrowed brows, relaxed my mind and just wallowing in the goodness of God in my life.

Okay, okay, okay, I know you are thinking ‘oh well, that’s because you’ve achieved something’ so lets leave accomplishments aside and talk about how I’m still breathing, how none of my organs have failed, how I’m preparing to go to class and living in Lagos. Aren’t these enough to be grateful and thankful for? Time is precious, my time is precious and I’ve been consciously always moving away from spending any of it regretting anything.

I’ve thought myself patience because I believe that God will keep his promise of making everything come together for my good, so no matter how late, I know it will surely happen. I’ve unlearnt following the benchmarks set for me by the society but I won’t stop listening, listening to people or to myself but I’ve also learnt to only take in the things I need to be better. Lastly I’ve also decided to never compromise myself, it’s just a new age but my journey of impact will still continue from the day before and if things ever get tough, I believe it’s because God knows I can handle it and oh yes, I’m ready for it!!!!!

Wearing the Gingham print is totally trendy of late but because I didn’t want to look like I’m wearing an apron or a school uniform, I decided to throw on my tie front striped shirt over the gingham dress for a more fashionable and thoughtful look as mixing prints is the new way to effortlessly make a style statement. Do enjoy this new week and I wish you the kind of happiness I’m feeling right now and more.

Word Of The Day : ‘Age is only but a number’

What’s your favorite thing about birthdays? How did you celebrate your last birthday? Do share with me by leaving a comment, as I always love reading and replying to your feedbacks.

35 thoughts on “HAPPY BLUES

  1. Happy birthday hunnay, I loved how you put together this outfit… I love your works, and you’ve come such a long way so YES you definitely have to celebrate all your small wins, because from small wins comes bigger ones…. so have all the ice creams and sweet things of this world today because it’s yours.
    Happy birthday!!


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  2. I’m glad that you already got it all figured out. Birthdays are not for counting losses But blessings.
    Happy Birthday Ifeoma
    May your life continually radiate the goodness of God in this generation.

    It’s your birthday, so make sure you enjoy it.

    Go and glow.. …Way More than the highlighter on your cheek bones.. Lol.



  3. I like birthdays because I know I’m definitely growing and the age usually brings new opportunities. Like when i was 18 I knew “I’ve reached driving age”. I spent my last birthday with two friends and Mr Q. Movies, music show and karaoke


  4. I don’t do much most of my birthdays but I like having the whole day to my myself…so I almost always take my annual leave during my birth month. Looking forward to that next month.

    Happy birthday Ifeoma.


  5. Happy birthday in advance Queen!!!! Also I love this look it just looks Soo cool and comfortable 👌🏾👌🏾💙💙💙💙💙. My favourite thing about birthdays has to be the text messages from family/friends I always love them 😂😂😂!


  6. Happy “Almost” Birthday. I’m the girl that is always excited for her birthday all through the year. (I mean that literally. My birthday is in December). I wish you the very best in the new year to come. Plus, so true about the gingham dress trend.


  7. Happy Birthday in advance!! Birthdays are also a time of reflection for me. I usually don’t do much on my birthday and this past one, I wish I did. I wish I was more grateful and happy just to be alive. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for where I am right now, because I know it’s for a purpose.

    I like your styling of the Gingham print; very stylish! And those white pumps are fab 🙂


  8. That’s a really good way to look at life. Amen, I want to feel the type of happiness you are feeling and more.
    I love the way you styled the gingham dress – one of my issues is I don’t want to look like I am still in sec sch. Lol. So its really smart and fashionable throwing in the tie front top. You look bomb.
    Happy birthday in advance dear.



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