No it’s not my birthday and neither am I turning twenty-six anytime soon. Today is democracy day in Nigeria (Happy democracy day my fellow Nigerians) and it has been declared wear Nigerian day by our president. I’m taking this declaration really seriously because it’s kinda like the only time so far the president is giving an order I’m happy and willing to obey, so today’s post is all about my made in Nigeria skirt.

What I’m Wearing :

Shirt – George (thrifted)

Skirt – Twenty

Shoe – Thrifted

Bag – Thrifted

When clothing brand reached out to me, I was kinda skeptical about it because I know them for their skirts which I’d normally consider ‘not my style‘ and them not giving me the liberty not to pick what I wanted made it even worse but fast forward to today, I’m more than happy I went ahead with this collaboration because after it took me one week to open the really cute package and saw it was a skirt, it took me another week to bring myself to try it on but guess what my favorite skirt is right now? Ofcourse it’s this beauty and my best thing about it is how well it sits on my body.

I decided to style the skirt with a white button down shirt for a classic look and since I saw Michelle Obama spotted out and about in a one shoulder shirt (am I the only one that has noticed how Michelle has been serving major looks lately?), I’ve suddenly developed a strong love for that fashion trend and with summer around the corner (this is me totally ignoring the regular rainfall in Lagos lately) which means this trend is totally approved as it’s time to show some skin. 

One lesson this experience has reminded me of is that we shouldn’t totally rule out things especially when fashion and style is involved because you never really know what will look great on you till you try it on. Do have a great holiday today and a fruitful week ahead, also be sure to try out something new.

Word for the day : The choices you make are the tools that shape your life.

What’s your take on the one shoulder trend? Are you wearing Nigerian today? I’d love to know what you think of this look, do leave me a comment below, thanks.

27 thoughts on “IN MY TWENTYSIX.CO

    • Thank you so much Lade. You are probably using a shirt that isn’t the right fit or size for this, it’s advisable you use a shirt that’s just your perfect fit, not too body hugging or oversized


  1. I’m just here thinking where I can get a clothing item myself! Love the white fall shoulder, should be something i’m trying out soon myself! I’m just in love with your blog RN. 😍😍


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