Product Review : Zaron Face Primer and Finishing Spray 

     Happy new week guys!!!

 I’m really excited about this week and I have no idea why… maybe it’s because this is deadpool week!!!! (Lol naaaah I’m just excited)

In today’s post I’d be reviewing two items from the Zaron goody bag I got at the Dee Mako bloggers brunch (am I the only one seriously looking forward to another one?) that I mentioned I’d talk about after the harmattan. 

First up is the Zaron face primer…  

zaron cometics, zaron face primer, face primer, beauty, makeup  I’ve been using this since after the brunch and it stays leaving me in awe that something can actually work for my oily face (I tried the Nivea post shave balm everyone was hyped about and it didn’t work for me). I thought it was the harmattan that kept my face dry as that was the season I got it but apparently it’s not because I’ve used it in recent times now the harmattan is over and still got the same result. One major factor we can’t overlook in this primer business is how Nigerian sun be so hot it can melt everything, so when I need my makeup on for longer than 4hours I use Philips milk of magnesia after using my Zaron face primer. I use the face primer as a base to reduce any harmful effect of the milk of magnesia on my skin. 

Next up is the Zaron finishing spray (setting spray)…

 zaron perfect finish, zaron finishing spray, zaron setting spray, setting spray, finishing spray, perfect finish, affordable makeup This is officially one of the most fascinating beauty product I own, the way it takes my makeup game from struggle to one hundred is just amazing. Back in the days when I watch makeup tutorials on youtube, I used to always wonder why the makeup artists spray ‘that thing‘ but now I believe in the setting spray religion and Zaron perfect finish is a very good one. It leaves my face beat looking flawless, it is also very accessible as Zaron products are sold in most makeup stores nationwide and very affordable when compared to other setting sprays from other brands.

I’m not exactly a makeup guru but I guarantee you your money’s worth if you buy any of these products from Zaron. Do have an amazing week ahead. 
  Have you tried any of these products? Which face primer and setting spray do you own currently? Do share your own tips by leaving a comment thanks.

6 thoughts on “Product Review : Zaron Face Primer and Finishing Spray 

  1. Nivea post shave balm too doesn’t work for me.
    The Zaron perfect finish spray leaves me somewhat sweaty because of the glycerin in it, same as the Nivea.
    I’d keep giving it chances though.


    • Still don’t own any bennye product yet Buh I just might try it now you’ve mentioned it after I finish my zaron perfect finish. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment I appreciate it.


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