Currently listening to Khalid | LocationAs a fashion blogger, of all the challenges I face, I think the toughest one has got to be writing the body of a blog post. I’m really not great at motivational speaking but at the same time I don’t want to come off as ‘vain’ by just ranting about my clothes all the time. Today I ask for your permission to be vain because this dress deserves all the rant in the world!

What I’m Wearing :

Dress – Thrifted 

Purse – Complimentary gift

Shoe – Gift

Glasses – Street Vendor

I was casually strolling through the market with no serious intention of shopping but keeping my eyes peeled for any interesting item. I spotted the rose pattern on this dress and rushed over to the vendor, didn’t need to haggle much as he was selling all items in his little stall for just 300naira.

The dress has a deep U neckline but I wasn’t really feeling it so I decided to style it as an off shoulder dress. Paired it with black and gold accessories because that is one of my favorite combo of all times because it’s makes leaves you looking classic and expensive effortlessly. This outfit is definitely not my usual causal chic style, if you listen to the outfit properly you’d hear it screaming PARTYYYYY loud and clear, like those TGIF kind of parties.

Every good thing has a bad side they say and that absolutely applies to this dress, because I was super excited about owning a dress with the popular rose pattern that I didn’t bother to check the size of the dress properly before going home with it as on getting home due to the ‘dunk in my trunk’, the dress was too tight at the bottom. As usual I learnt a lesson from this, I learnt that no matter how good a thing is, you should always take your time to examine it properly before indulging. On this note, do have an amazing LONG weekend!! 

Word For The Day : ‘Your body is a work of art, dress to be on display’

Where would you rock this dress to? Are you a gold or silver person? What’s your favorite color combo? Do let me know by leaving a comment below, thanks.


46 thoughts on “BLACK AND GOLD

  1. I’m a gold person too ! I love wearing black and gold to go out !
    Love this ô so sexyyy dress on you, and I have to say… you have beautiful legs !!!!


  2. I’d definitely rock this dress to a turn up. I’m usually a silver person, but the way you rocked gold will probably make me change my mind. Those roses are so cute.


  3. So i love Silver most of the time but I’d rather pair black with Gold. Favorite color combo is Black and White. I would totally go to a party or some night event with the dress….


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