Product Review : Ushas Eyeshadow Palette 

I’m really loving today, nothing beats a Monday that I woke up not worrying about making it in time to my first class for the day and all that school stuff.

Remember the Ushas eyeshadow palette I was gushing about in this post? Well in today’s post I’d be doing a little review on it. So read on to see what I think about this product in terms of its pigmentation, durability and affordability. 
 ushas eyeshadow 
Pigmentation : This product isn’t highly pigmented but it builds up very well. So if you want a minimal eyeshadow look you can easily achieve it with this eyeshadow and if you want a pronounced look this can also work, all you have to do is keep adding the eyeshadow till it’s as pronounced as you want.
 transition eyeshadow, gold, eyeshadow as highlighter  
gold highlighter 
Durability : For the purpose of this review I slept with this eyeshadow on last night, and I woke up this morning and it’s still on. So this is definitely a long wear eyeshadow, it doesn’t transfer easily and would stay on all the while you’re out.
 affordable eyeshadow palette 
Affordability : You already know by now that I’m all about looking good for less, so you shouldn’t be surprised I got this eyeshadow palette for just N350. 
 gold eyeshadow palette 
Generally, the Ushas makeup brand is up-ing their game (idc if up-ing isn’t a word or is it? Lol). I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews on their products lately especially their bronzers on makeup blogs. Can’t wait to lay my hand on the bronzer so I can enhance my glow.

Do enjoy the last day of the holiday and don’t forget to prepare well for the rest of the work/school week so you can be able to seize opportunities as they come your way, cheers!!!!

Disclaimer : I’m not a makeup artist or guru. I’m just learning more about makeup and trying out things.


What makeup affordable makeup brand are you loving right now? Tried any Ushas product? Do leave a reply below, thanks.


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