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Omg I can’t believe it’s being almost four whole months since the last Tales From The Thrift, life really does come at you fast. There was a break from this series not because I stopped thrifting but because I’m staying in my uni’s hostel and it’s not pretty conducive taking flatlays there as I do not have enough space and people won’t stop staring at me like ‘what tha heck is she doing?’ but today we are BACKKKKKKKKK and I’m super excited to share with you my favorites of all the things I’ve got this June.

SHIRT : Hoops are totally in season right now, so if anything has hoops on it and it’s affordable I’m buying (or not lol). Love the cute neckline of this shirt and I’d definitely be styling it soon for you to see.

Cost : ₦50

BLOUSE : It’s pink and it’s full of pleats, I think you already figured why I got it.

Cost : ₦50

TSHIRT : I absolutely have more than enough tshirts but I didn’t have one that has a super cool inscription like this one from newlook that I got during a trade fair in my Uni.

Cost : ₦1000

DRESSES : If you are up to date with the streets of style, you’d realize gingham is a wardrobe must have for 2017 and ofcourse I won’t found wanting. Still on the pink matter, I got the pinafore pink dress with side slots that I’m totally obsessed with. After this post, I’ve been trying to add more pink to my wardrobe and I’ve been doing a good job so far.

Cost : ₦300 & ₦100 respectively

DENIM : The versatility of this denim Jumpsuit is what sold it for me, I can easily tuck the tiny straps in and wear it as a denim culotte or still just be a cool kid and get some wear out of it as a Jumpsuit.

Cost : ₦500

EARRINGS : Statement earrings are what we are wearing all 2017 long, so when I found a vendor selling really nice ones at that same trade fair in my Uni I literally gave her all my money and bought five pair of the most gorgeous earrings ever.

Cost : ₦3000 (for all five)

GLASSSES : Been seeing a lot of these Kurt Cobain glasses for sale online but I really just wanted the white frame one with the red lens. I found this black one with red lens while walking through the market to get a bus and it was pretty affordable, so I got it while I wait for luck to shine on me with the white one.

Cost : ₦1000

SHOES : I wrote the draft of this post on Wednesday morning after the awesome people that follow me on Instagram requested a thrift haul post and I already wrote about how I didn’t get any shoe this month but just last night I found one of the shoes I’ve been craving for the longest time after seeing one of my favorite fashion blogger Sade of inmysundaybest wear something similar and it made me the happiest girl ever.

Cost : ₦2500

There you have it darling, my favorite items thrifted this awesome month of June. As you can see, I spent less than ₦10,000 on everything in this post and I still look as stylish as the girl next door, so it’s not really all about the expensive stuff but how you’re able to curate your pieces and pair them together although I still want me some Gucci though lol.

I hope you enjoyed June as much as I did and I pray July is even better (ps : it’s my birthday month). Do have a fabulous weekend!!!
Word Of The Day : ‘You win some, you lose some but in all things he thankful’ 

Have you missed my thrift haul posts? Should I continue with it on a monthly basis or you don’t mind if I do it just once in a while? Do leave me a feedback, thank you.

58 thoughts on “TALES FROM THE THRIFT | JUN’17

  1. You are definitely the QUEEN of thrifting. Girl, you are good. I should learn from you. And you style them real good. First time visiting your blog, New Addiction! ❤️


  2. Ifeoma, you already know how much I loveee your thrift hauls. We really need to do this sometime, I don’t care what you think Lol


  3. All I can seems to say is Wahhh Wahh Wahhh lol no Wild Thoughts tho 😉
    Nice bargain you got here especially with the clothes and sunnies. I thought the fishnets were thrifted too I was eager to know where you got them from and that hostel struggs I can relate. They’ll just be like “whats strong with diz wan.” Great job Mami.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Go IFy! Go IFy! *lol*
    I’ve really missed this series. Fav items, the sunglasses and dem shoes. The gingham top. Too cute.
    All hail the thrift queen 🙌


  5. So nice. Please let’s go thrift shopping together. I know you don’t really like going with people but please 😭😭😭. I promise to let you have the nice stuff you want even if I like them… by the way I’ll be coming to your uni soon and hope to see you. Very awesome haul. Can’t wait to see how you style them.


  6. I admire you a lot Ifeoma❤️ You sense of style and creativity is out of this world and i love you for that. How are we celebrating the birthday? Mine is July 15


  7. Its been a long time…so glad you did a “Thrift” post. Hope you’ll do more. And please can you give us the location of where you get these amazing things at such ridiculous prices.🙌🙌 Oshey Bardest!!
    Please let the next addition to the series be soon o…thank you



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