Product Review : Shampoo Hair Dye

Hey guys, 

How’s your week going? I had a lecture filled day today and I loved every bit of it, oh how I missed school.

Healthy hair is a very major key, it’s one of those keys you really don’t need DJ Khaled to tell you because even him thinks you should already know hehehe… 

Some of us have our hair in on colour but love it to be in a different colou. Myself for example, I have brown hair but I love to have my hair black as I feel it suits me better. Constant use of hair dye sometimes can be harsh to your hair especially since we don’t really have that much time to oil your hair frequently to prevent dryness caused by hair dye. 

One day my dad asked my mum for black hair dye (my dad doesn’t want to grow old and my mum owns a salon), she brought the Olive Oil A Wash Black Shampoo (pure organic hair dye) home and we’ve being hooked on it since then (yes we! I always steal some from my dad lol)

   Pros : Its a water based shampoo which is highly recommended for my natural hair people and every other hair type relaxed, permed etc. It’s also contains a large amount of olive extract which darkens the hair (supplements hair pigmentation). All you got to do is shampoo, condition and go slay in your black hair just like you’d do on a normal wash day.

Cons :It dyes the skin and nails but unlike normal hair dyes it washes off easily and if deeply dyed it doesn’t stain for too long. 

Personal advice : When mixing A and B, I advice you mix them in a ratio of 2:1 against the 1:1 stated in the directions. The 1:1 ratio might result in you having really dark hair unlike the natural black hair colour you desire.

This hair product can be gotten in any hair and beauty product store. If you live in Lagos, you can check Alhaja’s shop at yaba or the one located at Abule-oja, just before university of Lagos gate.

Will you try this out? Was this post any helpful? Do leave a reply thanks.


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