How To | Style An Oversized Denim Shirt

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                      Hey dear,

I know you’re thinking ‘finally an outfit post!’ Well Yes!!! I’m happy I’m posting this today, it’s been a while and I’m even more excited because it’s featuring one of my favorite things in the world DENIM!!! But before I talk about this outfit I’d like to say thank you to Seun of OrdinaryAndArt for spending a day of his holiday taking photos of me. 

What I Wore : 

Oversized Denim Shirt : Thrifted

Denim trouser : Topshop (Thrifted) 

Purse : Came with my bag

Shoe : River Island 

Wristwatch : Casio

Cost of both denim : A thousand naira

If you follow me on Instagram or even see walking (driving* soon in Jesus name) by, you would easily tell I live in denim because that’s what I wear almost everyday especially since I have to attend classes and that’s the easiest thing to wear, paired with a tee and I’m out of the door. I saw a photo where a girl styled her cotton shirt like this and decided to try it out with my oversized denim shirt and I loved how it turned out. This is a great way to style your oversized denim shirts especially on those hot days that you still want to wear denim and you’re tired of just wearing it as a dress shirt.

This isn’t my normal style as its a little attention grabbing but I’ve come to realize that to fully maximize your wardrobe you need to be experimental and open to new styling options. Cheers to trying out new things this new week.

         Till next time… xoxo

What do you think of the way I styled my denim shirt? What’s your favorite way to style your oversized denim shirts? Do share with me by leaving a comment below, thanks.


63 thoughts on “How To | Style An Oversized Denim Shirt

  1. I absolutely love that look on you! It’s a bit bold for me to wear, but I fully agree with you about needing to be a little experimental to fully maximize your wardrobe. And the pictures came out fabulous! I would love to have you as a guest blogger on my own site if you would be interested.
    Thank you so much! XO Renee


  2. I absolutely love it, but you definitely can’t wear this to class ooo lol. Could you try doing a step by step video or pictorial on how you achieved this look, you could post it on IG 😁
    Looking forward to that 😉

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