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Speaking of the various hues we have in the world, I find it very ironical how I’m not a fan of the color blue but once it comes to denim I’m always chanting ‘blue blue blue‘ but that’s not the HUE today’s post is about so keep scrolling to find out.

What I’m Wearing :

Denim shirt : Thrifted

Denim skirt : HUE / Hue.gram (IG)

Shoes : AmeliaCouture

Earring : Gift from Jems (asos)

When the PR person at HUE contacted me for a collaboration, I was excited as I’ve been eyeing a few pieces in their denim collection. I could only pick one item so I picked the ‘RIH SKIRT’ as Rih is the short form of Rihanna and if you know me, you’d know how much I love her. Styling this skirt was a hassle as it was a problem wrapping it my derrière but I just thought, ‘what will Rihanna do?’ and this oversized denim shirt on denim skirt outfit is what I kinda, sorta, think she’d do.

Now that we’ve seen what Rihanna will do, I can’t wait to share with you a post on what Ifeoma will do with this skirt pretty soon but before then, you can use my discount code ‘SVN15’ to get 15% off any item you purchase from the HUE denim collection. Do enjoy the rest of your week!!!

Word For The Day : Everything in life is a risk but you never fully maximize your life potential if you don’t take risks.

What do you think of this outfit? If you owned this skirt, how will you style it? I’d really love to read your thoughts, do leave me a comment thanks.

19 thoughts on “THE RIH SKIRT

  1. You interpreted Rihanna’s style quite nicely, especially that oversized denim jacket is definitely something she would wear.


  2. Damn Girl! Be leaving us speechless here💗💗💗
    But i still want to know how Ifeoma would have styled the RiH skirt.


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