DIY : Coffee Facial Scrub

   Happy New Month Lovelies!!!! (Yeah I know I’m 5days late but it’s better late than never right?) and thank God it’s Friday yet again!!I can’t believe this is my only post all week and I already made drafts but somehow didn’t get a hang of posting them, I guess it’s because I was busy all week and couldn’t add finishing touches on the drafts. Anyway I’m glad the weekend is here and I’m able to post this at least. 

I’ve not being very successful at washing my face twice daily as I planned but I’ve been trying out some homemade skincare recipes and in today’s post I’d be sharing with you my favorite thus far, it’s a very yummy coffee recipe and no no no this one is not for your consumption but for your face (although I licked some off my face). Yes your face needs that coffee break too! This is a facial recipe I call my ‘body shop’ dupe.

All you need to make the coffee facial scrub is :
-Coffee (I used Nescafé classic) coffee, nescafe classic, nescafe 

-A few drops of Honey

original honey, honey, uses of honey 

How to make scrub :
-Grind the coffee well till it’s really fine. blended coffee, nescafe, coffee, black coffee 

-Mix the fine coffee particles with honey (just enough to form a paste) 
coffee, honey, facial scrub 
-Apply on your face and leave for 5-10mins and rinse off without any soap.   

I guarantee that you’d have your skin feeling smooth, healthy and beautiful after trying this out (don’t forget to thank me later). Do have a wonderful and stress free weekend.

  Have you ever tried this out before? Any other tip you’d like to add? Please leave a comment, thanks.

19 thoughts on “DIY : Coffee Facial Scrub

  1. I’ve always wanted to try this and I had no idea I could use the Nescafé classic. Just thought I had to use coffee grounds from a coffee maker. Can’t wait to try it!! 💃🏽


  2. Came here specifically for this coffee scrub. Been looking for a naturally home made scrub for my face. I have black coffee, can it be substituted?


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